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Antifascist action is ready to go; or, Russo-American meddling in the German elections

Anglo-American capital and Wall Street/City of London (in bed with the Russian kleptocratic state of criminal post-Soviet oligarchs), as Sutton and Preparata correctly put their finger on re: the 1930s, is indeed the locus of global fascism. So it turns out that the same NYC advertising company who represented Trump's campaign also represents the AfD here in Germany, and it is this NYC advertising company who has been running one of the most aggressive PR campaigns ever for their neo-Nazi client since Hitler ran against Hindenburg for president (and Ernst Thälmann of the KPD) in April 1932.
Merkel and her CDU will win today, but the entry of the first openly fascist party into the German parliament in a united Germany is a first since 1945, and both America and Russia -- like in the 1920s and 1930s -- had a hand in making it happen. In any case, all the anti-fascist forces from the north and south, east and west of this country are mobilized and ready, and we are go…

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