Saturday, 19 August 2017

رادیو ایران اعلام سرنگونی مصدق 28 مرداد

Reza Jason Jorjani resigns from Arktos and

For context, see on this blog, here.

My Resignation from the Alt-Right

Dear friends and colleagues,

You may have been wondering why I was not at the August 12th Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally. As my Alt-Right and Arktos partners know, I was in Los Angeles delivering a historic speech introducing a new political organization whose name I was honored to have chosen, Jebheyé Irângarâyân. This literally translates from Persian as the “Iranist Front” but we are using the English name “Iranian United Front”.

For the first time in 38 years of fractious infighting, we have brought the most well established and prominent nationalist political parties of Iran together into a single coalition, one that transcends the division between monarchists and republicans. Our group includes the monarchist Constitutionalist Party of Iran, the Pan-Iranist Party, and Iran’s National Front (the republican party of Mohammad Mossadegh). This has been possible because the Iranian Renaissance movement, which as you know I have been a senior advisor to for some time, has acted as a cultural or metapolitical umbrella for these political groups.

I was in attendance during three days of meetings, from August 11–13, in the course of which the Jebheyé Irângarâyân took shape and entered the geopolitical stage. What this also means is that from this moment onward my responsibilities to the cause of liberating Iran from the Islamic Republic have dramatically increased. As I see it, we have several years to form the nucleus of a new regime, before rootless globalists and their Islamist pawns succeed in steering the collapse of the Islamic Republic in a direction that further erodes Iran’s territorial integrity and aborts its cultural rebirth. Moreover, in my view, the seismic political shift that we are shepherding, and the Iranian cultural revolution that underlies it, represents the best chance for the most constructive first step toward the Indo-European World Order that I conceptualize in my new book, World State of Emergency. Not incidentally, the book is dedicated to Shahin Nezhad – the leader of the Iranian Renaissance.

I hereby resign, effective immediately, from the Alt-Right Corporation that I co-founded and from my position as the Editor-in-Chief of Arktos Media. Of course, I remain a shareholder in both companies and, upon my return home to New York, I will enter into what I hope will be a brief buyout negotiation with my partners Richard Spencer and Daniel Friberg so that the shares I hold may remain within the movement’s leadership. (I am currently in San Francisco, for a private meeting concerning research and development of exotic technology that may someday serve the Iranian Air Force.) It should be added that, from now on, former associates within the Alt-Right movement of Europe and North America ought to consider any interactions with me as diplomatic relations with a representative of the coming post-Islamic political order of Iran and the wider Persianate world. This point cannot be overemphasized. Over the next few years, we will be watching with a hawk’s eye to identify the true friends and enemies of our archeo-futurist Iran.

With best wishes, and high hopes,

Jason Reza Jorjani, PhD
San Francisco, California Republic
August 15, 2017

Comment: And we are watching you Mr Jorjani as well, including your benefactors in Langley and Tel Aviv, with the eyes of the Simorgh Itself. You shall not pass!!!

Ebony & Ivory: Alexander Dugin Fiddling Over Charlottesville

Friday, 18 August 2017

Vice as a megaphone for hipster fascism

Vice should not be promoted or their shit shared imho, however you can easily observe that vice is a leading cultural platform for this western white hipster sleaze fascist culture, whereby YPG women are sexually sensationalised in a sexist manner, where the western hipster culture fused on a massive mass level with fascism and nazism. It's so boring and tired but it's designed specifically to spark off things that attract a weak human condition to it: sex, sensationalism, porn, fascism ~ Sukant Chandan

Vice was started by Gavin McGuiness, one of the most virulently rightwing misogynist nimbledicks among the so-called alt-right. He claims to have broken from Vice, and Vice from him, but that Vice was started by a hipster fascist neck-bearded creep who is one of the most prominent figures of this movement now is not open to debate. The facts are all over the internet. Vice is regularly playing all sides against the middle in order to make ratings and profits. They have been showcasing fascists from day dot while pretending to be liberal postmodernists engaging in a sort of game of boundary pushing transgression. This is bollocks. They are pushing the fascist agenda in an underhanded manner while pretending otherwise. Such things should be pulled apart and smashed into a million particles of dust. And btw Vice has Rupert Murdoch as one of its investors. Nuff said.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Poll Question by Eric Draitser

Poll question...

Which of the following Trump policies that the RT/Sputnik Left promoted vigorously is most likely? 

A. Trump will save Syria
B. Trump will prevent WWIII
C. Trump will roll back NATO
D. Trump will drain the swamp


E. I have a functioning brain and don't pay attention to far right media platforms that are not at all better than US corporate media, even if those platforms have token leftists.

"Are there competing Duginite networks in the U.S.," asks Eric Struch

And the answer is, most definitely, yes, there are.

There is James Porrazzo’s New Resistance (formerly known as the American Front) who is a rival to Matthew Heimbach and his Traditionalist Worker Party who are allied to Arktos, Jorjani and Richard Spencer’s NPI (Spencer: who used to be married to leading North American Duginoid Nina Kouprianova who is allied with New Resistance and its spin-off, the Center for Syncretic Studies, who is probably the FSB handler for all the above). And this is all only in brief, cursory detail.

These multiple and competing American Duginoid centers are part and parcel of the larger strategy of sowing chaos in literally everything (including in the very same white nationalist neo-Nazi groupuscules Dugin and his Kremlin benefactors wish to destabilize North America and Europe with) which RasDugin has spelled out in black and white in his Foundations of Geopolitics as well as the Fourth Political Theory.  

To paid Duginist fascist red-brown infiltration agent Navid Nasr in Belgrade

Nazis and German Russian fascist agents are not "friends" and "comrades," Mr Navid Nasr. New Resistance and its leader is a known quantity to the American Southern Poverty Law Center while the editor of the German Zuerst magazine, which you instance in your latest FB wall rant, is a known quantity to German law enforcement authorities who are itching for any opportunity to swoop down and arrest its editor in chief and charge them under the myriad of Germany's draconian "hate crime" and "incitement to hatred" laws and send them to prison. So I suggest you knock back your paycheck based cockiness a few notches, scumbag, for your friend's sake, at least, lest it come back and bite them in their ass.

People who attempt to recruit others into a refugee and immigrant hatred and racism agenda in order to advance Russian asymmetrical warfare strategies against the German government -- and in so doing deliberately putting vulnerable people in harms way -- are no 'friends', let alone 'comrades'. Such people are opportunist Nazi scum. But thanks for graphically and publicly proving, yet again, the active red-brown strategy of infiltration and Duginist shillery you are a part of in that last rant on your Facebook wall.

Your day is coming, Nasr, and much sooner than you think.  

Ahem *cough*

Now, anyone who thinks Aleksandr Dugin and his networks had nothing to do with the events in Charlottesville, Virginia, just needs to go to this VICE video below (from 10:12/10:15 onward just after David Duke's appearance) to see Mr Matthew Heimbach with their own eyes: Heimbach who is one of Dugin's leading American white nationalist acolytes and führer of the Traditionalist Worker's Party. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Brother Comrade Gauleiter Navidovich

And listen how this Heimbach fawns over his guru RasDugin in the Youtube below:

A Google search of "Matthew Heimbach" and "Dugin" brings up literally thousands of links, here.