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The Hadîth Kumayl or Hadîth al-Haqîqa of 'Alî

Theophanic Visions within the mundus imaginalis: from Subh-i-Azal's Seven Worlds & Sevenfold Metaphysical Subtleties

Translation of the opening exordium from my forthcoming English translation of Hajji Mirza Jani's Book of the Point of Kaf: Being the Earliest History of the Babi Movement

A prayer of Mirzá Yahyá Núrí Subh-i-Azal from his ETHICS OF THE SPIRITUALLY-MINDED (akhláq al-rúháníyyín)


Short mystical exegesis (tawil) on the 4 letters of the Name *ALLAH* (الله )

A note on the Babi/Bayani concept of progressive Theophanies

Two Súrahs from Ṣubḥ-i-Azal’s K. Aḥmadíya (the first revealed tablet)