Theophanic Visions within the mundus imaginalis: from Subh-i-Azal's Seven Worlds & Sevenfold Metaphysical Subtleties

A brief section from my ongoing translation of Mirza Yahya Nuri Subh-i-Azal's ON THE SEVEN WORLDS AND SEVENFOLD METAPHYSICAL SUBTLETIES ( fi 'awwalim-s-saba' wa masha'ir-s-saba')

Original Arabic text can be found here.

 ...when ye have attained to that Fruitful Plenitude of Justice and that Picture Gallery of Excellence, from the degreed instantiating-momentary-glanses of That Discloser, look within That Fruitful Plentitude and circle it in order to behold That Veil pregnant (wâsiq) within thy soul from this, the holy waters (al-mîâh); and glorify with extollation whilst in that overflowing pool (al-ghamr) and drink from those [holy] waters and bestow upon those [birds] flying in that firmament their portion of good fortune; and do not bar anyone from entering into their delight and portion of good fortune. Praise thy Lord most highly by that which hath been given thee within that expansive-extension and enter therein that canopical pavillion and expand thy breast by that which the Spirit of Permission will cast upon thee. Weigh within thy inner mystery the dusky colored Female Dove of the [divine] Command (warqâ’ al-amr) and hear the melodiousnesses of the birds of the Hidden Cloud within the melodalities of the branches of that divine Tree, and the melodations of the fruits of that immense [celestial] Tree, for verily in there are the wonderous beauties (abhâj) of the instantiating-momentary-glansing-degrees of the secreted-mystery of God and the fragrant breezes from the drawn ecstatic magnitizations of the holiness of God. In this one belong numerically abundant reverbations (la‘al‘a’an jamm'an) most serenely pure from the Elevated which disclose unfoldingly (ajla) from It and delectate from every delectation and disclose-effulgently from every majestic-dislosure and disclosing-majesty. Draw ecstatically magnitized from every beauty that is in there which are naught except the excellences from thy Lord to the folk of that shimmering depth. Verily there are found therein every delectating-pleasure in the proximity of That Just Beauty (jamâl al-‘adl); and magnetically-drawn-ecstatic are everything to it by the Peacock’s majestic scintillance; and dispersively-separated is the dusky colored Female Dove of Perfection (warqâ’ al-kamâl) Who warblingly warblates upon thee (tagharradad bika) that connecting-union (al-wisâl) of the excellences from thy Lord. Verily She melodiously-modulates (ghanna) the fire-grating torches (mash‘âl); and when ye arise, O ye wayfaring-traveller (yâ ayyuhâ sâ’ir), from the slumbers of heedlessness, observe the degreed instantiating momentaryglanses of thy Lord in that Sina’i of Justice (sînâ al-‘adl). Muskify thyself by that which illuminatively effuses from the dawns of reality and behold the Theophanic Self-Disclosures of thy Lord in the horizon of Its Command, and breathe within that spatial-expanse of Glory and firmament of Mighty Excellence. Fly in that Hidden Cloud of Unknowing and travel in that shimmering-depth and mount upon these planetary constellations, for in it are wonderous wonders from every creation; and God originates in it all that which It desires from the epiphanic stations of the Theophanic Self-Disclosures; for all that which is apportioned to thee in the presence of thy soul exalted in these instantiating-momentary-glansing-degrees is from this, the constellations, and that overflowing shimmering-depth (al-lujaj al-ghâmira) and the wavey oceans of motioning intensity (al-bihâr al-mutamwaja) and the drawn together encircling-assemblies of enstretched-gathering (al-qamqâm al-makfûfa) and the mid-oceanic swelling-enkindlements (tamtâm al-masjura). In all of them hath risingly-dawned the [Versical-]Signs (âyât) of the existential manifestations of the contingent-possibilities; and God hath existentiated in every one of those epiphanic stations that which cannot be enumerated other than by It and cannot be encompassed except by It.


And when ye attain to that Point and connect to the gates (abwâb) of Its Remembrance, as ye come to the locus of what God hath determined in Those Comprised Points, noetically cognize the situatory-placements of the Deciding-Wisdom and behold the Effulgent Lights in the situs of the logoic-Self (nafs) of That theophanically disclosing Light emanatively shining from It. Strive so that nothing veils thee from the dawned arisings of those degreed- instantiating-momentary-glansings, and the divine fragrant-breezes, when ye are in that realm-world of the Reality, the rising-dawnings of true limitlessness; for all of them are an invocatory remembrance (dhikr) from this, the Point, issuing from the direction of Its theophanic Self-Disclosure in the localized-center of Its high-altitude. With It are innumerable modal-grades (shu’ûn) without number from the realm-worlds of the empyreans of power (jabarût) without enumeration; and in all of those realm-worlds is a Point with Its Sun and Its Moon: realm-worlds of the divine reality (lâhût) and realm-worlds of the empyreans of power (jabarût)...That is the secreted mystery (sirr al-mustasirr) and the one-eyed secret (as-sirr al-aw‘ar). None amongst its servants can behold it and nothing dawns upon It except God. Strive ye to that encounter within the journey, in those, the boundless oceans (al-yamûm), and reach ye to the altitudinal-highness of Its granderous-magnificence, and behold the heavens how It motions it to travel. ...When in those stations and those modal-grades of the Theophanic Self-Disclosures, from the realm-worlds of the infinite empyreans of power and the degreed-instantiatory-momentary-glansings of the Mighty-Granderousnesses, know none one can noeticize within it and none shall behold what is upon it except God, thy Lord. To It is the Hereafter/Finality (al-âkhira) and the Primality-Origination (al-ûlâ) and in Its Hands are the empyreans of all-things, [doing] as It pleases with Its servants by that which It desires from Its Theophanic-Manifestations; unveiling (kashf) the masks (al-qanâ‘) from whomsoever It wills; guiding to Itself by their own volition to Its Gate. And the Truly Real (al-haqq) comes meeting whomsoever beseeches Its Excellence and Its Magnanimity; and It doth not withhold Its Mercy from any soul, nor doth It veil any soul from Its meeting (liqâ’); and It doth not screen Itself from anyone in the modal-grades from the degrees of Its proximity or Its good pleasure. So do not refrain from Its soothing-tranquilities (hûdanûhi), but give thyself at all times to It in all that which It Theophanically Self-Discloses and bear witness-behold what ye desire from Its Comprehensive Theophanic Manifestations in a [single] Versical-Sign amongst Its Versical-Signs when by it God created all-things and [by it] sustains creation; makes to die all-things and then enlivens what It fashioned; governing the cause of the Heavens and the earth, [indeed] creating all-things. So praised be It and high be Its state, for nothing can know It except It, and nothing can find It other than Itself!

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