Brand new critical edition of Ibn ʿArabī’s Bezels of Wisdom (fuṣūs al-ḥikam) just published in Egypt

A brand new critical edition of the Arabic text of the Bezels of Wisdom (fuṣūs al-ḥikam) of Muḥyiddīn Ibn ʿArabī (d. 1240) has just been published in Egypt. The editor is Saiyad Nizamuddin Ahmad and he has done a pretty thorough job. This new edition surpasses the old Affifi edition, which had many problems with it, and utilizes more MSS than Affifi had at his disposal. The edition comes with a critical apparatus, indexes of names, Quranic verses, hadith, etc., and is over 600+ pages. The entirety of the main text of the fuṣūs has also been vocalized. The editor has provided this new edition with introductions in both Arabic and English. For even mild enthusiasts of Ibn ʿArabī, this is very much a welcome publication.

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