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Oldest known MS text of Suhrawardī's invocation to the Perfect Nature (da‘wat al-tibā‘ al-tāmm)

(Ragib Paşa  1480 [copied 1330s CE], f.314b)

My translation

O thou, my chief master, holy angel, my precious spiritual being! Thou art my spiritual father and my sacred child who is responsible for the governance of my person! With divine permission, thou art art the one whose fervor intercedes for me before God – mighty and majestic be the God of Gods! - to make up for my deficiencies! O thou who art clothed in the scintillance of divine Lights who resides at the supremity of the degrees of perfection! I beseech thee, through the One who has granted thee such mighty nobility and who has bestowed upon thee such an immense effusion! That thou mayest self-disclose thyself to me in the most beautiful appearance and that thou mayest show me thy glittering face; that thou mayest be my mediator before the God of Gods in the effusions of the light of His mystical secrets; that thou mayest lift the shrouds of darkness from my heart! This I pray in the name of the One who has claim over thee and ranks over thee!

And if thou desirest him [i.e. the Holy Guardian Angel] to appear before thee, shun the meat of animals, cast off attachments, devote thyself to the ritual prayer (ṣalāt), and purify thy clothes, for it is He who grants the success and highest sufficiency!

Transcription of Arabic text

يا أيّھا السّيّد الرّئيس والملك القدّيس الرّوحانيّ النّفيس أنت الأب الرّوحانيّ والولد المعنويّ المتمثّل بإذن الله بتدبير شخصي المبتھل إلى الله عزّ و جل ّإله الآلھة في تكميل نقصي اللابس من أنوار اللّھوتيّة أسناھا الواقف من درجات الكمال في أعلاھا أسألك بالذي منحك ھذا الشّرف العظيم ووھبك ھذا الفيض الجسيم ألا ما تجلّيت لي في أحسن المظاھر وأريتني نور وجھك الباھر وتوسّطت لي عند إله الآلھة بإفاضته بنور الأسرار ورفعت عن قلبي ظلمات الأستار بحقّه عليك ومكانته لديك
فإذا أردت يظھر عليك فاجتنب أكل الحيوان وجرّد عن العلائق و ألزم الصّلوة والصّوم وطھّر لباسك وھو الموفّق و الغني

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For Muharram 1437 AH/2015 CE

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Khamsa (Hand of Fatima) formed by the calligram of the Greatest Name  (اسم الاعظم)/Dignity of the Sun (شرف الشّمس) with the words “Ḥusayn is of me and I am  of Ḥusayn, Yā Ḥusayn, Yā Ḥusayn, Yā Ḥusayn!”