An Illuminationist (ishrāqī) jannat al-asmā’ (the Paradise of the Names)

Habibollah Shahbazi and N. Wahid Azal (c) 2016

  1. 40 Greatest Name/Dignity of the Sun (al-ism al-aʿẓam/sharaf al-shams) calligrams laid out in a circle.
  2. The 101 names of God in Zoroastrianism (written in modern Persian script), see.
  3. Suhrawardī’s invocation entitled “Glorifications to the Intelligences, the Souls and the Elements,” see here.
  4. The seven planetary squares.
  5. The nineteen aqlām (magical spectacle letters).

Twelve concentric circles represent the twelve constellations of the Zodiac from Aries to Pisces or the twelve Iranian months from Farvardīn to Esfand.  Within the center of the circle, the two additional squares contain (above) the specific invocations to the lords of the talismans of the elements and (below) the soul of the prophets and the hidden hierarchy of saints.
This circular talisman was conceived by N. Wahid Azal and executed to perfection by Habib'ullah Shahbazi.

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