Dugin interviews Gholamreza Avani

The video begins with a beautiful madahi to 'Ali (ع). Aleksandr Dugin then interviews Iranian philosopher Gholamreza Avani (one of Henry Corbin's students). Avani offers a summary of the problems in Islamic philosophy as a living tradition. He talks about Avicenna (Ibn Sina) and Suhrawardi. Dugin then asks him about Henry Corbin (d. 1978) and Avani offers a precis of Corbin's life and career, and towards the end highlights Corbin's post-Heidegerrianism and offers a criticism of Heidegger which disturbs Dugin. Professor Avani's criticism of Heidegger is, however, spot on in that Heidegger's ontology (unlike the ontologies of Islamic philosophy and those Henry Corbin subscribed to throughout most of his career) is essentially a materialist ontology, anti-transcendental, and makes man's being-in-the-material-world (dasein) rather than man's being in its true ultimacy as the focus.

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