Duginism is the global Jim Crow!

I'm not talking about the liberals here. I'm not talking about the privileged and entitled bourgeoisie who treat equal rights on paper with material justice, and in doing so, conflate hate speech with free speech. I'm talking about those who're supposed know the difference between incitement against the otherized scapegoat and truth to power. I'm talking about the pro-Syria left folks within the anti-imperialist camp, especially the ones living in Europe and North America. 

I'd wager that some of these folks may be getting paid to whitewash clearly white supremacist Fascism as a convoluted strategy to create chaos and bring down the Corporate-Military Empire of the 1%. Some desperately wish to get paid. Some are just confused. None of them don't seem to recognize Duginist "National Bolshevism" as the reactionary, sectarian, neo-bonapartist death cult that it is.

Their cynical fascination with hastening the fall of the Atlantist Empire no matter what the human cost of such Fascism driven chaos, is not only immoral but also naive. To see some of them conflate Revolutionary Islamic Traditionalism, primarily of the Shi'a resistance movements, with the segregationist nightmare of the Duginist variety is tragic. Islam is transnational based on universal morality rooted in the Sacred Covenant of Noah (AS) as mentioned in Qur'an 42:13. As such, the end can never justify the means from our ontological perspective. From that perspective, Islamic eschatology compels Muslims to fight oppression no matter what -- not enable and empower evil, in this case Fascists, to add fuel to the fire of chaos, and hasten the destruction of their camp that way. 

The idea that such massive human suffering and destruction will unify the left and galvanize the kind of popular support to bring about a brave new world, is antithetical to Islam and our role in the Human Project for the pleasure of Allah (SWT). A project where we make the most diligent effort to enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil. 

We are people of the Akhira (the end, i.e. the other world). As such, we cannot worship the dunya (the material world) as a materially self-constructed deity the way takfiris do. Our effort to be morally upright and liable human beings who defend the oppressed and benefit humanity in this world is informed by that faith. This view is constantly repeated by the duly qualified Ulema of the Shi'a as well as the four schools of jurisprudence of normative Sunnism. The trouble is, many Muslims in the Duginist camp tend not to listen to our Ulema for political guidance during these times. This is deeply divisive with tragic consequences. May Allah (SWT) guide us all to empathy and light.

~ Sohel Nadeem Rahman 
12 March 2016

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