Alt-Left, Alt-Right and Geopolitics

The First World Alt-Left* and their uncritical allies in the Global South conveniently bypass the fact that Vladimir Putin's Russia isn't the USSR. It is a ubernationalist state looking for payback, hence their bromance with the "First World" Alt-Right -- and with economic ambitions of its own in the global marketplace dominated by the Empire. Russia wants a share of that globalization of predatory capital on its own "Eurasian" terms. It is a recovering superpower that uses perpetual warfare to put its military might on display in order to market and sell its weapons, often to rogue states like the Zionist Entity in Occupied Palestine, the Wahhabi Entity in Occupied Arabia, and other regimes in the GCC actively enabling the Empire's Takfiri proxies being heroically resisted by the Muqawama as we breathe.

Whilst the combination of Russia's on-again-off-again air support and more steady satcom intel is extremely valuable and deeply appreciated by the men and women fighting the Ahl Al-Iblees (la) on the ground, they cannot be an ideological ally as long as they continue to maintain and enhance their relationship with our mortal enemies. Gotta watch your six against guys who take such advantage of our suffering, and our legitimate desire to live in a multipolar world free from the Empire's genocidal profiteering -- in order to enhance their own Public Relations Equity and pocketbooks. Such alliances of convenience are and must always be conditional ~ Sohel Nadeem Rahman
* The Alt-Left are "First World" Crypto-Fascists who think of themselves as "progressive socialists 2.0". The Alt-Right are "First World" Crypto-Fascists who think of themselves as "national socialists 3.0". Both groups are addicted to Pasta Putinesca laced with enough Vodka Duginskaya to make Donald Trump look like a friend of the "common man" ~ Sohel Nadeem Rahman

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