The false discipline of psychiatry and the failure of Western Sufi shaykhs

From a Facebook status update

The modern discipline of psychiatry and the so-called science behind it is the single most anti-spiritual doctrine and practice spawned in the modern world. It is also materialism at its worst and one of the most destructive false ideologies and practices being perpetrated on modern human beings that is literally ravaging entire sub-cultures of people everywhere. As such psychiatry is nothing more than Western capitalism's weapon of mass human mental enslavement, a prison for the mind to ensure conformity to pharmaceutical consumerism and its industry on the part of its countless victims. 

Given this, certain Western Sufi shaykhs -- who rather than do their jobs properly as guides and be instruments of healing people (from Above) via the arsenal of vast spiritual tools and knowledge traditional means offer -- have of late been reneging on such responsibilities and instead have been turning people over to psychiatrists. Let's be straight, those so-called Sufi shaykhs who are turning over their murids (disciples) over to Western psychiatrists -- or one notable Naqshbandi-Maryami academic in Georgia who practices psychiatry and is regularly medicating people -- are no shaykhs or murshids at all. Rather such people are criminal accomplices and gatekeepers to a Western materialist discipline and its predatorial pharmaceutical industry. 

At the most basic level, these people are complete failures as spiritual guides and teachers to their disciples. Whatever fancy costumes they wear, or however long they grow their beards, or how many worry beads they hang from their necks, or how well they perform a public role and how well chosen their words may be, or how much in demand as speakers they may be, these people are one and all frauds and charlatans and are not the real spiritual representatives of the Tariqa. Moreover, these people are not real believers (mu'minun) nor have any genuine faith (iman) whatsoever in the Tradition they claim to represent or what it offers. These people are all pretenders to the last, however eminent they think they are or however many dupes they have gotten to follow them.

In the hands of real adepts, the vast, encyclopedic Islamic medical, pneumatological and occult sciences developed over 1400+ years can genuinely help people beyond anything modern psychiatry can grasp on both the preventive and the cure levels. However, despite the pretensions of certain contemporaries, the adepts in our age are becoming less and less and are instead being replaced with performers who are bereft of some of the most basic, practical know-how and skills. Given this, what is the difference between such Western Sufis and their acolytes with the Salafists and Wahhabis? They too have rejected the entire heritage of the traditional Islamic medical, pneumatological and occult sciences and instead found such things as Western psychiatry more beneficial to their warped minds.

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