Denis Giron: Dugin's NYC bedfellow

This is Denis Giron. I've known Denis virtually online since 1999 when he used to attack assorted American Muslims on USENET groups -- and one in particular calling himself MrMahdi on talk.religion.bahai. Denis made a name for himself for a while among the New Atheist and NeoCon crowd as a Muslim apostate becoming the golden boy of "Ibn Warraq" (albeit the sincerity of Denis' original conversion is now quite questionable). Denis' account of his "apostasy" from Islam was published in a chapter of one of Ibn Warraq's books. Denis also ran a site on geocities called FreethoughtMecca where he ridiculed most of the Abrahamic religions, with his exclusive focus being on Islam:

One of the postings on the FreethoughtMecca site is the following: THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF BAHA'U'LLAH where Denis basically rehashes uncritically the AngloZionist propaganda talking-points regarding the Baha'i cult: talking points which were later verbatim repeated by both Pamela Geller as well as Robert Spencer of JihadWatch. The Geller/Spencer crowd benefited from Giron's online work (which they have actually quoted on occasion) as did the alias "Ali Sina" (an Iranian Baha'i living in Toronto, Canada) of the site FaithFreedom.Org. Geller, Spencer, "Ali Sina" and "Ibn Warraq" are four of the most eminent, active names of the North American Islamophobia industry scene: individuals connected directly to a variety of NeoCon hacks, think-tanks and lobbies, not to mention the far-right of Israeli politics itself. Note that Giron signs his post linked above under the name 'Abd'ul-Bab as-SAHYUNI (meaning: "servant of the Gate, the Zionist"). Whatever he may claim now in his own defense regarding that piece, humor, slapstick and irony does not preclude truth or fact. Giron is clearly a Baha'i apologist. Giron's post above has also been included on an official Baha'i site, here showing that the Baha'is themselves take Giron's work seriously.

These days Denis Giron is active with the Duginists on Facebook -- and probably beyond it as well. He is a member of Joaquin Flores and James Porrazzo's the Center for Syncretic Studies and regularly posts on the FB page of left-brown Duginist Navid Nasr. Denis is also on record claiming that he is on the payroll of the Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofeev (the chairman of Tsargrad TV and president of the Duginist think-tank 'the Katehon'), also see this post

This TRB post from 2001 is also quite an eye opener, among other things, revealing Giron to have spent six months in prison and to have once impersonated himself as a neo-Nazi:!searchin/talk.religion.bahai/freethought$20denis$20giron|sort:relevance/talk.religion.bahai/Fm2wQAvdIeQ/LfuFR_Y19lEJ

See also his profiles as Abdul-Khinzeer Kalb'ullah (meaning "Servant of the Pig, the Dog of God") and Free Thought.

I have also been told, although I am still in the process of verifying this last tidbit of information, that Denis Giron is connected to the NY Chabad, i.e. the Lubavitcher's (who maintain a quite cozy relationship with Putin and the same circles of Kahanist ultra-Zionists that Dugin does), even though these days he also asserts that he has shed his New Atheism and is now a faithful Roman Catholic believer. His wife was also apparently at one point an employee at the NYC offices of AIPAC, and Denis himself claims to work for the UN:

Any questions? See also the next post above on this blog or, alternatively, this article.

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