Iranian Politics, Dugin's Fascist Infiltration, and Plants as Teachers of humanity

Eric Draitser of Stop Imperialism.Org chats with independent scholar and teacher Wahid Azal about the current Iranian political scene, the proliferation of Aleksandr #Dugin's fascist ideology, and the role of psychoactive plants in spiritual practice and the evolution of humanity. The conversation begins with a detailed examination of Iranian politics ahead of all-important elections, with specific attention to both domestic politics and Iran's foreign policy and geostrategic imperatives. Eric and Wahid explore the #Iran-#Russia relationship, questioning whether they are friends, enemies, both? From there, they explore influential Russian fascist philosopher Aleksandr Dugin's geopolitical vision, and how "Eurasianism" fits into the Kremlin's agenda.
The second half of the show, Eric and Wahid focus on Sufi mysticism, the role of psychoactive plants in developing spiritual awakening. Wahid recounts his experiences and what led him to found the Fatimiya #Sufi order. Eric and Wahid touch on everything from #ayahuasca and the preponderance of psychoactive plants in the deserts of the Middle East to the potential role they may have played in the foundation of all religions. So much ground covered in this wide-ranging conversation. Don't miss it!
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