Some nugget quotes from Dugin's FOUNDATIONS OF GEOPOLITICS

Translations courtesy of Branko Malić of the Kali Tribune from the Serbian edition:


…It is also important (...) to enforce the role of "sacrificial lamb" on Turkey, because the interests of that nation in the Caucuses and Central Asia should not be taken into consideration at all. Moreover, it should probably be good to support Kurdish separatism in that country ~ Aleksandr Dugin, THE FOUNDATIONS OF GEOPOLITICS, Serbian edition, page 214.

Multipolar disorder

"Above all stands the Orthodox self-consciousness of the Nation as a Church, then the wholeness and unity of Russian ethnic organism consisting not only of presently existing demographics, but also of ancestors and future generations and, only as the last of all, the survival of concrete person as an autonomous particle (...) The people should be inseminated with an idea that every family, by bearing a Russian child, participates in the National Mystery (...) The children should be understood as national property, as the physical expression of the inner energy of Great People. The Russian child should primarily be understood as a Russian and only secondarily as a child ~ Aleksandr Dugin, THE FOUNDATIONS OF GEOPOLITICS, 5.2. Russian nationalism - Ethnic demography and the Empire, Serbian edition, pg. 223 - 224

The Eurasian project (..) presupposes Eurasian expansion into Central America in order to divorce it from the control of the North (...) as well as inciting all kinds of instability inside the borders of USA (here the political forces of Afroamerican racists can be relied upon) ~ Aleksandr Dugin, Elements of Geopolitics, 4.5. The Empire of many Empires, pg. 218

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