KALI TRIBUNE Splash of Civilizations: A Prelude to an Analysis of Alexander Dugin’s “Foundations of Geopolitics”

Geopolitics this, geopolitics that … how come we haven’t heard this tune some – say: fifteen – years ago?
In this podcast we’ll try to make a guess at this, by providing an introduction to pending detailed review of Alexander Dugin’s ominous bestseller “Foundations of Geopolitics – Geopolitical Future of Russia”.
From certain number of passages quoted from the Serbian translation of the book and explained by yours truly, you’ll be able to divine what this “universal science” really is meant for, reassess just why geopolitics became a buzzword in the last few years and certainly understand why Dugin doesn’t get his main work translated into Western languages.
The detailed review of the book is forthcoming. In this podcast we explain the foundations of Dugin’s pseudo-science and it’s subversive character, much of it by using his own words.
(translation used: Alexandar Dugin Osnovi geopolitike – geopolitička budućnost Rusije. Zrenjanin: Ekopres, 2004.)

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