The Dark Side of Enlightenment (with Branco Malić), Part 2

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Part two of the conversation with Branko Malić, contemplating the nature of evil, where did the devil come from, the power of beliefs, fragmentation & wholeness, when the mind turns into what it grasps, evil’s mask of goodness, the will to good, evil as parasite, turning the gaze below, philosophical Satanism, reaching the acausal realm, the lowest common denominator of Man, absolute below, Heidegger, the left and right hand path, the Hadron collider and atom-smashing, the innocuous violence of science, pure egoism, Platonism, Ray Kurtzweil’s singularity madness, the transhumanist disconnect, a journey through delusion, fear of death, mind and body, culture and nature, building hell, transgender & transhumanism, compartmentalization, networks of depravity, Faceborg & transformation of awareness, complicity or conspiracy, back to the devil, Rene Girard, Fabianism, the evil of masking evil, reality distortion & getting a false map of the territory.

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