Greatest Name takes down Daily Stormer's white nationalist site owner

Kekists and the generality of the Orcs of white nationalism incorporated think they are very clever and have their occult bases all covered. They do not. In fact they are so completely out of their depth on that score, it has become a literal comedy-fest to watch as these frog-possessed morons stumble over themselves when they encounter the real thing. Case in point: In March 2016 the site Daily Stormer published the following short article as a form of ridicule of the symbol of the Greatest Name of God in Islamic occulture: the most sacred symbol in (Shiʿite as well as Sufi) Islamic esotericism as well as in the Jewish Kabbalah (albeit, historically speaking, it appears the Jewish Kabbalists took the symbol from Muslim esotericists they were being cross-pollinated by during the medieval period in the Islamic world). 

Note that the Daily Stormer piece is citing Lloyd Graham’s online studies of the Greatest Name, i.e. The Seven Seals of Judeo-Islamic Magic: Possible Origins of the Symbols:


A comparison of the Seven Seals in Islamic esotericism and Jewish Kabbalah
who, for his part, mentions me by name as one of the modern interpreters and commentators of the symbol (see my, A Short Treatise In Explication Regarding the Gnosis of the Theophanic Stations of the Calligram of the Greatest Name of the Godhead

The Daily Stormer piece also had a comments section -- with all the predicably disparaging, racist commentary by the usual cavalcade of brain-dead Orc-kekists -- which now seem to have been disappeared by the site. Be that as it may, the site owner and his site are now on the run and find themselves the target of a lawsuit brought by a Jewish family with the help of the Southern Poverty Law Center who do not mess around with such fascist troglodytes.

What’s more, it appears that this isn’t the first instance where this symbol has apparently been responsible for screwing with white supremacists and white colonialists, having apparently played a major role in the Haitian Revolution against the French, as well as, quite explicitly, a Muslim slave uprising in Brazil during the 1830s:

...African Muslims routinely wear silver rings and bracelets for protection. Some of these items have a special cavity, in which the marabout puts a talisman before sealing it. One type of ring has hieroglyphics on the top, said to be similar to the ones inscribed on Prophet Suleyman's (Solomon's) ring with which he controlled the jinn...In Bahia, as numerous rings were found along with the Arabic became evident to the police that they were linked to Islam and, by extension, to the uprising... ~ Sylviane A. Diouf, Servants of Allah: African Muslims Enslaved in the Americas, 15th edition, New York University Press, 1998: 109.

بسم الله

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