Vice as a megaphone for hipster fascism

Vice should not be promoted or their shit shared imho, however you can easily observe that vice is a leading cultural platform for this western white hipster sleaze fascist culture, whereby YPG women are sexually sensationalised in a sexist manner, where the western hipster culture fused on a massive mass level with fascism and nazism. It's so boring and tired but it's designed specifically to spark off things that attract a weak human condition to it: sex, sensationalism, porn, fascism ~ Sukant Chandan

Vice was started by Gavin McGuiness, one of the most virulently rightwing misogynist nimbledicks among the so-called alt-right. He claims to have broken from Vice, and Vice from him, but that Vice was started by a hipster fascist neck-bearded creep who is one of the most prominent figures of this movement now is not open to debate. The facts are all over the internet. Vice is regularly playing all sides against the middle in order to make ratings and profits. They have been showcasing fascists from day dot while pretending to be liberal postmodernists engaging in a sort of game of boundary pushing transgression. This is bollocks. They are pushing the fascist agenda in an underhanded manner while pretending otherwise. Such things should be pulled apart and smashed into a million particles of dust. And btw Vice has Rupert Murdoch as one of its investors. Nuff said.

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