911 sixteen years later

One of the interesting coincidences around 911 for me is its numerological correspondences to significant elements of the Bābī calendar and eschatology. For example, the number 2001 itself is a centrifugally significant number in Bābī eschatology, being the numerological value of the divine name "The Aid Invoked" (مستغاث) which Siyyid Alī Muhammad Shirazī, the Bāb (d. 1850) claims is the limit of the divine names and associates in his Persian Bayān with the manifestation of the Bābī messiah, "He whom God shall make Manifest" (من يظهره الله). Although unstated, I suspect the importance of this specific divine name and its chiliastic significance for Bābism has to do with the prayer attributed to the Prophet Muhammad (ص) that is named the Greater Steel Coat of Mail (جوشن الكبير) since elsewhere (esp. "The Book of the Five Grades") the Bāb claims that this Bābi eschatological figure is to be the archetypal "return" (رجع) of the Prophet Muhammad (ص); and the divine attribute around which the prayer of the Greater Steel Coat of Mail revolves around is the "One who grants Succor" (غوث) which in Arabic is from the same root as "The Aid Invoked" (مستغاث).

In the Bayān, the Bāb also establishes a calendar of 19 months of 19 days based completely on the prayer of the 5th Shi'i Imām (ع) known as the Dawn Prayer (دعاء السّحر). He also renamed the days of the week with superlative forms of the names and attributes of God and accounted the first day of the week (like both the Chaldaeans and Zoroastrians before him) with Saturday (i.e. renamed "Majesty" جلال). For a good discussion of the Bābi calendar, see the relevant section of Denis MacEoin's RITUALS IN BABISM AND BAHA'ISM (esp. 107-08):
Now, the name for Tuesday in the Bābī calendar is "Excellences" (فضال) whose abjad numerical value is precisely 911, and September 11th 2001 was a Tuesday.

I was in Australia on 911 and had just returned home on a Tuesday night from the gym to find mayhem unfolding (from my TV set) in NYC, USA, with the first plane having just crashed into the North Tower of the WTC. I lost a dear roommate and coworker in the North Tower of the WTC on that day whose family, sixteen years later, still mourn his loss. I do not believe any of the official narratives put forward about this event. My German trained PhD structural engineer late father picked apart the flawed science and engineering of the official reports in two seconds. He also had extensive experience in demolitions, having briefly served in the army corps of engineers in the Shah's military, so he was someone I always listened to on such matters. But with that said, even though the official 911 narrative is tout court fantasy, the Truthers worry me a great deal as well because they have become an ugly sub-culture, harboring all kinds of rightwing crypto- and outright fascist lunatics in their ranks who have been using the tragedy to advance their own nefarious political agendas through this backdoor.

My heart goes out to all the families who lost friends and family on that tragic day, and the curses of the All-High be upon whoever perpetrated it.

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