Exordium to Ibn Barrajān’s tafsīr al-qurān

In the name of God the Compassionate, the Merciful!
And the blessings of God be upon our liege Muhammad, his family and companions, and the [purified] elite among his community -- and peace! Praise be unto God the uniquely isolated (mutafarid) in the reality of divinity, the inimitably secluded (mutawaḥid) within an unadulterated existentiality (al-wajdanīya)! The First without an origination and the Last without any termination! His precedence precedes His primordiality (qidam) for there is no precedence to Him! Subsequence (al-baʿd) expires by His Permanence (baqaʾ) for there is no succession to Him! The existentiator of existence and the nothingness! The fashioner of the Light and the darkness! The determiner of being in pre-existence, for His indelibility is within the Well-Guarded Tablet (lawḥ al-mahfuẓ) established by the Pen (qalam) over the Throne (ʿarsh) and presiding over the [celestial] concourse(s)! Our approach [to Him] leads astray; the proximate of the proximate, entirely, and [Who] is not seen!

~ Exordium to Ibn Barrajān’s tafsīr al-qurān (Commentary on the Qurān), vol.1, Beirut, 1971: 51 (my trans.)

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