Manifestations of White Opportunism and Counterrevolution in the Revolutionary Movement


1. They seek power, hegemony, dominance, and recognition for their contributions to the revolutionary movement. Humility is unknown to them.
2. They oppose vocal black leadership and oftentimes form cliques comprised of whites and token black people to “isolate” said vocal leadership with whom they personally and politically agree. Said leadership is oftentimes called “hostile”, “anti-white”, “identitarian”, and “racist” in private and public by white opportunists.
3. They claim to uphold and respect ON leadership while working in secret against said leadership to have them either replaced by a white person or a token black person who has been won over to the counterrevolutionary white line.

4. They play ON organizers off of each other and seek to wreck productive and comradely relationships developed in the heat of revolutionary struggle and the camaraderie built through belonging to ON communities and the common struggle against imperialism.

5. They seek to enter and wreck/split organizations led by vocal and unashamedly black/ON leadership and then get upset when they aren’t trusted and their schemes are unmasked.

6. They are not interested in political study and development. They ignore mass work in working class communities that does not involve parading with weapons or other things that suit the caricature of revolution that their mentality has allowed them to construct, but are quite interested in riots, are very eager to provoke fights with the police when they are not winnable (oftentimes to the detriment of the movement through thousands of dollars spent on legal/medical bills, the funds of which the white opportunists oftentimes make little to no contributions to). They also fetishize weapons for their own sake and also fetishize black and brown people who uphold the use of weapons in the liberation struggle while failing to see weapons as tools of liberation, not objects to be used recklessly or wantonly. These ultra-left practices and lines serve to alienate the masses of black people who already know what weapons are and how to use them and oftentimes get people injured or arrested facing heavy charges. When these things happen the white opportunists are nowhere to be found, as they’re chasing another uprising.

7. The white opportunists’ political lines make no sense and are informed by their own petit-bourgeois, subjective lifestyle choices (veganism, straight-edge, etc.) and are not relevant to the masses of ON people. When these lines are criticized they sulk and become forlorn instead of conducting an actual self-criticism and seeking to develop closer ties and comradeship with the masses of ON people.

8. They seek to intervene and meddle in the political and cultural affairs of ON communities as if we are incapable of developing our own lines and conducting our own business.

9. They whitesplain, complain, and whine and then deny it.

10. They have close personal associations with a few (a clique), and are cold and elitist towards others. Their organizations do not seek new members, but instead maintain control in the hands of a few, bearing more resemblance to a clique or cult than an actual political organization or party with vibrant internal life and culture.

11. They sow and promote discord, distrust, and hatred instead of unity, harmony, and love as a revolutionary community.
12. They neglect “small things” such as radicalizing friends, family and coworkers and serve no real purpose to the development of the revolution but somehow believe that they are entitled to roam in and out of movement spaces dictating and making spurious and baseless attacks without investigating and then become upset when these things are not believed.

13. They are friendly to one’s face but are treacherous and snake-like behind one’s back. Conversations with the white opportunists are oftentimes later twisted out of context and misinterpreted.

14. Lying and duplicity are second nature.

15. They do not read or study materials that contradict the well fixed white narratives of class struggle in the modern day United States, national liberation, or work to develop actual concrete analysis of concrete conditions in their city, state, country, or world, but only read things that personally interest them or that suit their opportunist narratives.
16. They take up space and seek to crowd out black organizers who have been working in communities for years instead of working in service to the community and movement.

17. They seek to “police” and gatekeep movements and spread their own variety of white opportunism while denouncing those that oppose this white colonization of the liberation movement as “identity politicians”.
18. They attempt, in an unprincipled fashion, to translate bourgeois relationships (access to land, money, firearms, family ties) into political influence and power instead of donating these skills without questions asked to the development of the movement as a whole.

19. They rarely attend meetings or take an active role in political/mass work but when they do appear they seek to dominate and control space and become angry/forlorn when they are not allowed to do so.

20. They use romantic/sexual relationships with ON people as shields and masks to attempt to excuse or hide their white opportunism, racism, and role as counterrevolutionary elements in the liberation struggle.

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