The Day After

The day after the German election which has just witnessed Nazis entering the German parliament for the first time since the end of WWII, all thanks to Uncle Sam, Uncle Ivan as well as misguided neoliberal economic and neoliberal social engineering policies pursued by consecutive German governments since re-unification in 1990.

Now, if Angela Merkel and the coalition she cobbles together have any political sense whatsoever, and are actually sincere about pushing out these Nazis completely out of the system in four years time, maybe they could use this election as a "if life hands you lemons make lemonade" kind of opportunity and use it to get rid of neoliberal economics and neoliberal social engineering altogether out of Germany, and perhaps the rest of Europe as well, if we are so lucky. Because, beyond the meddlings of America and Russia, this is precisely what has fueled the far-right on the ground level. A similar situation -- albeit with far, far more extreme social and economic conditions than what we have now -- was responsible for the rise of the NSDAP and Hitler as well. So perhaps the German government should think carefully now about privatizing everything under the sun any further than they already have (particularly in the east) -- maybe even scale back on a significant level what they have already handed to the "for profit" private sector -- and in doing so seriously curtail the influence of German and foreign corporations and what they are able to do in this country. The first stop to that end should be to legally put Mark Zuckerberg's back against the legal wall and book him and his company for all the laws they have been breaking with impunity in Germany and the EU and, especially, how Facebook has facilitated and given platforms for the far-right to make its rise in the first place.
UpdateCo-founder and former AfD party leader Frauke Petry quits the AfD and denounces its membership and leadership as extremists without the capability to govern only one day after AfD surges in election polls and wins close to 90 seats. Source:

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