The Deobordian spectacle on Acid

The Russian-controlled alt-media and the rise of the far-right are connected to a degree that one cannot separate the one from the other. We all know this. But here is the racket: most of Russian-controlled alt-media (at whose apex stands RT/Sputnik) has NYC based advertising agencies promoting them. The NYT casually dropped this info regarding McCann and its client RT/Sputnik 10 days ago in a long op-ed, which as yet RT/Sputnik has not even denied. In Europe an assortment of far-right groups, such as Germany's AfD, are clients to Harris Media, an Austin TX based company, who also boasts Benjamin Netanyahu as one of its clients and was the advertising agency to the Trump campaign in 2016. The AfD, as with every other one of these EuroAmerican far-right groups, are recipients of funding and support from the Kremlin. This situation is a Deobordian Society of the Spectacle on Acid.

In the face of facts such as these, and many many more like them, NO one can tell me anymore that there is a genuine conflict between the United States and Russia and that they are adversaries. It is all smoke and mirrors because on every level, crevice, nook and cranny of this story stands Wall Street, capital and big finance.

This being the case, all of those individuals on the Left who continue to cooperate with the Russian-controlled alt-media scene, in the face of such facts, are to the last man servants and dupes of Wall Street/City of London. Perhaps it is high time for people to introspect regarding their reckless ambitions and look at who they are cooperating with: capital, the enemy of humanity and planet earth itself.

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