Uncle Sashas of the Global South

I'm way past disappointed by the utterly false and indefensible Hillary-Trump binary being bitchfested by deeply misguided and ignorant elements of the "anti-Imperialist" camp in the First World, and their pet monkeys in the Global South. The problem is the demonic system itself, not who's running it or how they happen to be framing that game -- especially from the perspective of the Global South, the victims, survivors, and resisters of the genocidal and ecocidal projects that sustain First World power and privilege for the Chads, Beckys, and Sashas (and their butt-puppets of "color") of the NWO 2.0. Now all that Bougie-shit is just annoying as Killary's laughter and Trumpenführer's existential twitches and tics ~ Sohel Nadeem Rahman

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