Capitalism is against God and the hidden forces of creation

The eleventh gate/section (bāb) of the the ninth unity/chapter (wāḥid). Concerning this, do not market/purvey/sell the four elements or buy/purchase them.

The epitome of this chapter is this, from the illimitable bounty of his infinite existence, the knowing God, majestic be his name, has created the four elements [i.e. air, fire, water and earth] and has not deemed it licit (ḥalāl)* within the Exposition/Manifestation (bayān) to buy or sell them...

-- Ṣubḥ-i-Azal (d. 1912), mutamim al-bayān (The Continuation of the Bayān), my trans. Original text: & original lithograph edition:

* In other words, it is ḥarām (illicit) to buy and sell the four elements.

Commentary: This means the entire modern system of economics and human commerce (esp. the entire structure of the capitalist system from top to bottom) is in his mind, and from the point of view of the religion of the Bayān, illegitimate and ungodly. In this chapter, the successor of the Iranian heresiarch known as the Bāb (d. 1850) is implicitly advocating for a radical form of the collective ownership of the means of production; deeming the four elements to be sacred due to the divine agency which created them; which implies every modern industry that extracts and engages in the commerce of any of the fruits of the four elements is by definition standing against the hidden forces of creation itself. In this view, the very notion of *property* and the ownership of land (which is the element earth) is deemed to be antithetical to the divine balance and the ontological harmony of existence fashioned by its creator.

Please show me anything remotely analogous in the scriptures of the other Abrahamic traditions that remotely reaches the shores of such radical depth as the statement made here by the Dawn of Pre-Eternity (Ṣubḥ-i-Azal). Such a view goes well beyond even the most radical assumptions of Marxism or Anarchism (Bakunin or otherwise).

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