Do not support Counterpunch

This is a note for any readers of CounterPunch as well as writers that they should seriously consider boycotting CP altogether and not provide it with any more content or give it a single penny because it appears that the almighty dollar and out and out political corruption by its editors has now made that place an active grooming hub for far-right agendas and especially a sheep-dogging operation of pulling people left over to the brown spectrum of things. I am, of course, speaking of this recent article and others like them which keep appearing with frequent regularity on CP: the publication of an article which was the final nail in their coffin for me:

Last November, in an act of editorial mendacity indicative of the now endemic political corruption driving CP and its outright collaborationism with the system, Jeffrey St. Clair removed an article of mine from the site which he had earlier approved after being subtly threatened with a lawsuit by an online gatekeeper of a cult/NRM with known ties to the Washington elite and the CIA, viz. the Maryamiyyah Sufi Order This incident in itself makes a mockery of CP's claim of being a "fearless voice" of anything, let alone of the American left -- or left anywhere else for that matter. They then went on to publish a piece of trash (NeoCon) propaganda and agitprop by a sympathizer of a Kurdish militant group active in Iranian Kurdistan with well known ties to Israeli and US intelligence and with a long track record of committing a litany of terrorist acts against the Kurdish civilian population of Iranian Kurdistan Given this, either the editors of CP are stupid or they are knowingly working as paid propagandists of Empire pretending to be left.

Their constant showcasing of people like Assange, and even John Pilger who has completely lost the plot in recent times, does not help their case much either.

So this is my f*ck CounterPunch note. I thank them for publishing six pieces of mine between 2015-16 which they obviously made money from out of content I created for them with my writing. But be that as it may, writers need to consider that they are worth more than having to offer material they have created over to crooks of whatever political spectrum which these crooks then turn around to make money from and stab these writers in the back. I know it is dog eat dog out there, but it is time for genuine leftists to show some integrity and stop supporting such dishonest assholes exploiting all of us and not give them any more content or money. We are better than this to have to be pimped by sheep-doggers of the system pretending to be left.

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