Ipsos polls in 'Straya on religion, LOL!

Silly Aussies.

What does more harm than good? The ecocidal and genocidal secular (post)modernist neoliberal capitalism that is ravaging the planet from one end to the other or religion? White secular modernist Australian's attitudes towards religion is a symptom of several things but it can be broken down to two main components: 1) general social stupidity and historical amnesia and 2) white supremacy which believes its ill gotten dominion over the planet absolves it from any responsibility towards either a higher power or to its fellows (wo)man, let alone other creatures. Given this stark reality, it would appear that Australians are actually more in need of religion than anyone else, whatever their views and however they vote in ipsos polls.

Now, religion does not necessarily have to be reduced to church, synagogue or mosque. If that is what the debate revolves around then this is not a debate about religion per se but rather about the semantic usage of a word and the range of its definition; and this is something that most secular modernists and New Agers who rail against religion don't seem to grasp properly. And on that point, every element that constitutes the worldview(s) of New Age and alternative spirituality people is fully within the range of what social science and the sociology of religion in particular define as "religion." Sorry, if you worship crystals, hug trees, believe in ascended masters, UFOs, do Yoga, greet by saying "namaste" and drink Ayahuasca, etc, you are still very much included in a notional definition of belonging to the world of religion even though your beliefs may not either be mainstream or aligned with those of the official institutions of the three Abrahamic faiths.

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