Putinist Russia is NOT the USSR

Post-Soviet Russian ideologue Alexander Dugin's so-called "Fourth Political Theory" (4PT) is a cumbersome but necessary read because it is pretty much the unofficial ideology of today's decidedly non-Soviet Russia, and the fuel that drives the mind of Vladimir Putin. 

Today's Russia with its close ties to the Zionist Entity in Occupied Palestine as well as the Wahhabi Entity in Occupied Hijaz and Najd cannot be a true, ideological friend of the Muqawama in particular, and by extension, the anti-imperialist resistance in the Global South. Crypto-Fascist to the core, the so called 4PT is centered around the recovery and expansion of Russian hegemony by all means necessary, including ideological duplicity -- and is deeply informed by bizarre elements of the Occult.

Its opportunistic tactics, as aptly demonstrated by Russia's support of neo-Fascist elements in the West, the ones who adopt the philology of the Left in order to re-brand their supremacist ontology, are designed to create instability and chaos not as a moral alternative to the New World Order -- but to bring forth the sustainable emergence of the New World Order 2.0 with Russia as an important and respected partner in the perpetually genocidal and ecocidal destruction of our homelands for their profit and power. Today's Russia is *NOT* the USSR rooted in anti-imperialism.

Sadly, a couple of things continue to deceive otherwise morally driven and somewhat intelligent people about what today's Russia is really all about: 1) totally justifiable yet dangerously blinding hatred of Western imperialism; and 2) Third-World-Wishful, or First-World-Privileged desire for a multi-polar world informed not by critical thinking, but the tragic absence thereof.

That's precisely why they have no issues forming strategic alliances with neo-Fascist entities and other glaring contradictions. Whilst much of their work with regards to the West's genocidal and ecocidal wars for profit and power in our homelands remain important resources in the service of truth to power -- their misplaced trust in Duginist Russia only fragments the anti-imperialist resistance worldwide. They will be thrown under the proverbial bus sooner rather than later.

The ones who wouldn't have already been turned for good. The way they have embraced the openly Fascist ontology of essentializing the oppressed and the persecuted whenever the Kremlin wants them to, despite moral and empirical truths and nuances to the contrary -- is sufficient evidence of their subversion and betrayal.

Like the pig playing "the good cop", the alleged enemy of one of your enemies may be useful in a particular battle as long as you watch your six, but he's definitely not your "friend". Especially when he's also a good friend to your other sworn enemies. 

~ Sohel Nadeem Rahman

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