Rumi on Trump

Poem no. 2137 in Furuzanfar's critical edition of the Diwan-i-Kabir, translated in Frank Lewis RUMI PAST AND PRESENT, EAST AND WEST (Oxford: 2000), p.317.

The donkey's ass who in jealousy even takes offense at Jesus
A hundred donkey dicks up his ass, a hundred dog farts in his beard
How could an ass give chase to a gazelle or inhale the scent of musk?
An ass smell's an ass's piss or examines piles of shit.
That ass-bitch pisses in every stream she wades through, true no
harm's done to the stream
But you've got to drink from it.
An ass feels shame from such deceit,
Hear it from the book of Truth, "Rather are they strayed further
from the Path,"
How like a whore's all his scratching,
How like a fag all his flirtation
Shut me up! Let God forever make him shamefaced
I'll fondle the Saqi (the wine bearer), since I am drunk with her

آن کون خر کز حاسدي عیسی بود تشویش او
صد کیر خر در کون او صد تیز سگ بر ریش او

خر صید آهو کی کند خر بوي نافه کی کشد

یا بول خر را بو کند یا گه بود تفتیش او

هر جوي آب اندررود آن ماده خر بولی کند
جو را زیان نبود ولی واجب بود تعطیش او

خر ننگ دارد ز آن دغل از حق شنو بل هم اضل
اي چون مخنث غنج او چون قحبگان تخمیش او

خامش کنم تا حق کند او را سیه روي ابد
من دست در ساقی زنم چون مستم از تجمیش او

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