Edward Said rips the Zionist claim over Palestine a new orifice

The Old Testament as a text was only written down after the Israelite captivity in Babylonia and by the scribe Ezra. We are talking roughly 400-500 BCE, and nowhere near the lifetime of a historical Moses (ع). It is upon this text written (or, rather "fabricated" on the bases of oral traditions stretching 1000 to 1200 years from the past of when they were first written down) by Ezra that the Zionists have claimed sole propriety over Palestine since 1917 when the British made the Balfour declaration. Think about this for a minute and the nature of the fraud committed by Zionists: a fraud perpetrated by Zionists as instigated by the proto-priest cultus of Pharisees and Saducees (which Ezra represents) against God Almighty Itself that stretches back 2500 years. This is the historical evidence which then strongly echoes and validates the Quranic narrative about 'the Jews and the Christians corrupting their own scriptures'. The archeological evidence, as Edward Said points out, places the Israelite people in geographic Palestine for a sum total of 200 years during the ancient period. This is no basis to claim sole propriety over anything; and no Master and Creator of the Universe would ever genuinely grant real estate upon a group of people to the exclusion of others to begin with. As such this Zionist claim of sole propriety over Palestine together with the "chosen people" theme, without any sugar-coating, is outright heresy (ilhad) and utter infidelity (kufr) towards God and creation alike.

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