Hafsa Kara denounces RT/Sputnik as pro-Nazi/pro-Zionist propaganda network

From Wall Post

As some of you already know I decided a while ago I would no longer be associated with RT. Daily news reports of 'Brown men raping white women' proved beyond a doubt that the media outlet, once a voice for the voiceless became a mouthpiece for Europe's far-right. It was never about protecting women otherwise why would RT not devote a SINGLE report on the Israeli human traffickers who herd countless Russian women -otherwise known as Natashas- to the brothels of Tel Aviv. Across many Middle Eastern hot spots Russian women are sadly synonymous with 'cheap whores' and at the root of this business are Israeli men who trade in Russian/Ukrainian and other Eastern European women like they trade cattle.
Which brings me to Israel. Last May I was hosting Sputnik covering for George Galloway during the mayoral campaign. During that time the whole 'antisemitism in Labour' story erupted that would eventually lead to pro-Palestine activist and life long Labour stalwart Ken Livingston being suspended from his party. It was obvious that a topic news show would touch on the biggest story of the week. I therefore decided to invite LSE Professor Jonathan Rosenhead, a Jewish activist and ardent critic of Israel. The interview was fantastic and we touched on many sensitive topics including the very absurd notion that criticising Israel was anti-Jewish. 
That programme was never broadcast.
Some from RT management claimed it was because Rosenhead was a Labour member and that it broke Ofcom rules. Yet countless political figures were being interviewed on various other RT shows without any issues arising.
It was clear RT did not want to upset its Zionist supporters.
RT is now clearly pushing both a far-right and Zionist agenda.
Fascism and Zionism go hand in hand. From all of Trump's administration ( Kushner, Miller, Bannon) to those on this side of the Atlantic (Robinson, Melanie Phillips, Katie Hopkins).
Zionism and Fascism are one and the same and its an alliance that is very very dangerous.
Palestine is now but a symptom of the voracious appetite these zealots have for war and destruction.
I realise it's a very unpopular thing to say as Russia and RT by extension continue to be viewed as champions of the oppressed but the reality is there for all those who want to see.

18 December 2017 

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