The wretched hive of scum and villainy known as the BBC!

In June 2016, a few weeks after my Counterpunch article Behind the Politics of a Current Brouhaha in Iran: An ex-President Ayatollah’s daughter and the Baha’is came out, I was twice approached in email by the BBC Persian to appear on one of their shows, i.e. Pargar. I turned them down. Below is the correspondence, which I now publicize (with email addresses removed).  

2016-06-02 16:55 GMT+02:00 Leila Safary <>:

سلام آقای ازل گرامی ،

لی لی هستم همکار داریوش کریمی در برنامه پرگار بی بی سی فارسی.

ما هر هفته موضوعی فلسفی یا تاریخی و یا اجتماعی را در برنامه ی پرگار به مدت یک ساعت به بحث می گذاریم.

باعث خوشحالی و مسرت است از شما دعوت کنیم تا در این برنامه شرکت کنید. آیا شما تمایل دارید که در این برنامه در حوزه تخصصی تان شرکت کنید؟ در صورت تمایل جزییات برنامه را برایتان خواهیم فرستاد.

پیشاپیش از حسن توجه شما بی نهایت سپاسگزاریم.

برای آشنایی بیشتر با این برنامه لینک های مرتبط با آن را برایتان می فرستم.

لینک وب سایت برنامه پرگار:

و آدرس فیس بوک برنامه پرگار

لینک پادکست برنامه:

لطفا هر سوالی داشتید با من تماس بگیرید. شماره تماس من هست: 00447738396337

با مهــــر

لی لی


From: N.W. Azal []
Sent: Thursday, June 02, 2016 4:11 PM
To: Leila Safary

Dear Leila Safary, greetings

Very nice to hear from you. And thank you for the offer. I presume your invitation is due to my Counterpunch article published last week and that the subject will revolve around Bahaism. I am presently quite busy with other projects so I don't how I would be able to fit in a round table appearance for the Pargar program or whether you expect me to come to London for the filming

That said, I would happy to appear on your program provided that independent Swiss scholar Francesco Ficicchia is also invited to your program alongside any appearance by myself, or if you insist that it be a native Persian then alternatively Abdollah Shahbazi be a guest alongside any appearance by myself.

Thank you again.

All the best,

N Wahid Azal
2016-10-19 11:05 GMT+02:00 Daryoush Karimi <>:

آقای ازل سلام

من داریوش کریمی، سردبیر و مجری برنامه ی پرگار در بی بی سی، هستم.

چند وقت پیش شما ایمیل زیر را در جواب ما نوشتید. برای ضبط برنامه ای که در ایمیل ما صحبتش شده شاید لازم باشد چند سوال از شما بپرسم چون شما تنها ازلی هستید که می شناسم، شاید هم در ازلی خطاب کردن شما اشتباه می کنم. به هر حال ممنون خواهم شد از راهنمایی شما.

شماره ای اگر دارید برایم بفرستید چون تلفنی راحت و باجزییات بیشتر می شود حرف زد. اگر هم مایل نیستید شماره تان را بنویسید این شماره ی من است.



داریوش کریمی

Daryoush Karimi

Editor, presenter


BBC Persian TV

6th Floor, Peel Wing, Broadcasting House, 2-22 Portland Place, London, W1A 1AA
Internal: 51416
External: 0207 7651416
Mobile: 0791 258 3310

From: Leila Safary
Sent: 02 June 2016 16:25
To: Daryoush Karimi

From: N.W. Azal <>

Date: Wed, Oct 19, 2016 at 11:46 AM


To: Daryoush Karimi

Dear Daryoush Karimi, greetings

It was quite a pleasant surprise to hear from you personally. Really, I am not that important a person for someone of your stature, celebrity and eminence to contact directly.

Now, as I am sure you would agree, since the issue of "liberal democracy" and "freedom of belief" has been a paramount theme of your program on multiple issues for quite some time (being that the right to the privacy of ones beliefs and convictions is what theoretically separates authoritarian systems from the "open society"): the personal beliefs and convictions of individuals is their business and their business alone, and not the concern of media organizations such as the BBC to scrutinize or query.

Be as it may, and as you are probably well aware, I have a fundamental problem with Bahaism and any platform that promotes them as the BBC has done uninterruptedly since 1941. The issues are various, but the falsification of history by them; their longstanding pattern of abuses; and especially their collusion with foreign (esp. Anglo-Saxon) imperialist powers against Iran are just a few of the issues I have with Bahaism. The BBC, for its part, is an arm and extension of the voice of the British government and the British establishment. This is the same British establishment that meddled in Iranian internal affairs since the 19th century and consistently undermined Iran and its interests; the same British establishment responsible for facilitating the rise of the Pahlavis following a genocidal famine engineered by this same establishment inside Iran between 1917-19, not to mention their invasion and occupation of Iran in 1917; the same British establishment that granted Abbas Effendi Abdu'l-Baha a knighthood in 1921 for "services rendered to the British government" during the First World War; the same British establishment who invaded Iran in 1941; the same British establishment who was instrumental in creating the Zionist settler colony presently occupying Palestine; the same British establishment that undermined and bitterly fought against Iran's right to nationalize its oil in 1951, and the same British establishment that masterminded the overthrow of Mohammad Mossadegh in 1953.

The BBC for its part has been the instrumental means by which the British establishment has accomplished all of the above (and more) from the period 1941 onward. Moreover, from its inception, the collusion and cooperation of the Baha'is with the BBC Persian has been a consistent and uninterrupted pattern, and this is a matter of documented public record. Eminent Baha'i and "Hand of the Cause" Hasan Balyuzi was one of the BBC Persian's first spokespersons and program directors, and such a pattern continues to the present day with the likes of Erfan Sabeti and similar.

Given the above, as well as many other issues, I would consider it a personal act of high treason against Iran and its people to cooperate in any way, shape, form or manner with the BBC. As such I will not be interested in appearing on Pargar. However, if you have suggestions for a more neutral media network that is not affiliated with the BBC, I am happy to appear on such a program at any time for a public debate with any representative the Baha'is may choose to debate me on a litany of issues. I hope you understand.

I thank you again for thinking of me, and wish you and your colleagues all the best.

Warmest regards,

N. Wahid Azal

Now, even though I was directly approached by the BBC itself to appear on their Pargar program in 2016, on 8 December 2017 one of their former journalists –- and a typical westoxicated (gharbzadeh) Iranian hipster faux-Left Fifth Columnist which are dime’a’dozen among the expat Iranian contingency of this Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation –- for absolutely no reason whatsoever began attacking me on this Facebook thread on Alessandro Cancian’s wall but then quickly deleted their post.


And my subsequent response to this freak, which on request from Alessandro Cancian I later deleted:

Now, since I do not take any crap from Baha’i cultists, their fellow travelers, former employees of the BBC, or their underhanded tactics to try to discredit me because I will never come to the party of their criminal gangster Anglo-Zionist imperialist skulduggery; and since I record and document all incidents of the underhanded attacks online by this hive of villainous scum; here I am publicizing this recent episode in social media for posterity as it appears that the BBC Persian and their Baha’i benefactors are suffering from a severe case of collective butt-hurt after I told them to scram and take a hike in 2016.
Since this post first went up, it was shortly brought to my attention that Arash Azizi presently works for the Baha'i funded rag known as Iranwire and writes for them. So this sellout is indeed a faux-Leftist Fifth Columnist on the imperial payroll. It should be mentioned that Iranwire and Manoto are part of the same media conglomerate organization which is not only the recipient of private funding and investment but also funding coming directly from the Israeli and American governments. I draw the attention of fellow Iranians to this video exposing Manoto:

Arash Azizi also made a completely ridiculous documentary for Iranwire wherein he compares their condition in Iran to that of apartheid in South Africa. Of course, what he failed to mention, or what his employers would probably not allow him to mention, is the fact that the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of South Africa scrupulously followed the apartheid segregation laws in South Africa during those years, separating white and black Baha'is. Moreover, it is quite rich to compare the situation of the Baha'is in Iran to that of apartheid era South Africa when the Baha'is themselves have been principle beneficiaries of Zionist apartheid against Palestinians in occupied Palestine. As such it is obvious that this Arash Azizi is a corrupt pen for hire in a long line whom the Baha'is have obviously bought.

Watch this space.
Pattern Recognition: The way of the the privileged "Free Thinker" and "Progressive" Iranian intellectual, polemicist, and blogger living in one of the genocidal and ecocidal imperialist countries.

1. Criticize and demonize "the old country" seen from a colonially imposed and sustained holier-than-thou, unreasonably universalized and white cultural supremacist, and uncritically accepted and utterly westoxicated Overton Window with extreme decontextualization, casual intellectual dishonesty, and heavy reliance on ultracrepidarian "authorities" as a manifestation of your Petty-Bougie Libtard respectability politics.

2. Refrain from criticizing your Massah's country's domestic and foreign policy until securing second class citizenship.

3. Secure imperial citizenship and become somewhat critical of the Empire in ways acceptable to Libtard Becky and Libtard Chad.

4. Find an Anglo-American Ivory Tower academic to become your patron throughout this process: an Ivory Tower academic who has never once even set foot in the country of their area discipline yet has an inordinate sense of entitlement towards the totality of the culture and its received knowledge over and above the native because of the prestige of their Anglo-American Ivory Tower degree and publications; a sense of entitlement which extends to actively collaborating with imperialist governments to destabilize (via outright disinformation/misinformation funded by think-tanks, wealthy donors and governments) the very countries they have spent their entire professional career studying and teaching about. 

5. Meanwhile, the Petty-Bougie faux-Left native informer pines to belong to this club and will literally do anything to get there, selling out their nation, their families, friends, acquaintances and the collective memory of their ancestors in the process.

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