Ḥadīth of the Beverage

The Commander of the Faithful [Imām ʿAlī ibn Abī Ṭālib] (ع) said:

Verily [with] God the Most High there is a beverage [consumed] by His saints. When they drink it they become intoxicated; and when they become intoxicated, they become rapturous; and when they become rapturous, they become agreeable; and when they become agreeable, they melt; and when they melt, they become sincere; and when they become sincere, they seek; and when they seek, they find; and when they find, they unite; and when they unite, they attain; and when they attain there is no longer a difference between them and their Beloved.

~ Ḥadīth cited by Siyyid Ḥaydar Amulī in tafsīr muḥīt al-aʿẓam wa baḥr al-khiḍam, vol. 3 (Tehran: 1422 AH/2001-02 CE), 62 (my trans.)

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