Baha'i equivocations on racism, fascism and white supremacy

Shoghi Effendi (d. 1957)

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Shoghi Effendi had a far more equivocal stance on fascism and German National Socialism specifically during the early 1930s. This is part of his recorded statements in the Light of Divine Guidance from February 1934:

"There is nothing more contrary to the spirit of the Cause than open rebellion against the governmental authorities of a country, specially if they do not interfere in and do not oppose the inner and sacred beliefs and religious convictions of the individual. And there is every reason to believe that the present regime in Germany which has thus far refused to trample upon the domain of individual conscience in all matters pertaining to religion will never encroach upon it in the near future, unless some unforeseen and unexpected changes take place. And this seems to be doubtful at present."   (The Light of Divine Guidance, Vol. I, p. 53-6) (see screenshot above)

This is quite a testimony to the profound (even criminal level) cognitive dissonance of Shoghi Effendi as well as his complete lack of foresight and both spiritual and intellectual blindness, not to mention brazen dishonesty (so much for his infallibility and ability to be guided from above). When he made this statement one year had already passed since Hindenburg had appointed Hitler as chancellor of Germany. The Reichstag fire had already occurred. The Enabling Act was already the law of the land. Political parties other than the NSDAP were banned with most of its leaders either under house arrest or taken away to the camps. The independent press was being squeezed out of existence. The churches were being forced to push the Nazi agenda from their pulpits or face attack. Nazi propaganda rags from the official Völkischer Beobachter to Der Stürmer and beyond were endlessly churning out their vile racist and antisemitic bile up and down Germany. Jewish businesses were being pilloried into penury. SA paramilitaries were running rampant harassing and terrorizing Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, African Germans, you name it, up and down the "Reich" with no one to challenge them (only to be eliminated themselves some six months later during the Night of the Long Knives and replaced in their skullduggery by the Gestapo and SS). The Nuremberg laws were still one year away from being enacted but the writing was already on the wall in February 1934 about where things were headed.

While the majority of the political Left in Europe saw Hitler and the NSDAP for what they were, Shoghi Effendi instead was pontificating that "that the present regime in Germany which has thus far refused to trample upon the domain of individual conscience in all matters pertaining to religion will never encroach upon it in the near future" (!!!). You cannot make this up!

Also, this man's history is lousy. Hitler was not elected as chancellor of Germany. He was appointed by the Reich President Paul von Hindenburg on January 1933 after several failed cabinets by members of other parties finally forced Hindenburg's hand because he had refused to appoint Hitler previously. Hitler had lost the presidential election of the previous year to Hindenburg. The NSDAP was elected to the Reichstag as one of the largest parties in Germany's parliament of the time but this was not the election of Hitler himself but of his party.

 Also, countless recorded statements by Abbas Effendi 'Abdu'l-Baha show him to be a dyed in the wool racist, where he articulates views against Black Africans as well as Native Americans  in identical terms to the Nazis. Most of these racist statements of Abbas Effendi have not been translated into English because if a non-Persian audience were to ever see these statements, there would be Exit by Troops because they reveal the complete hypocrisy and double standards at the heart of Bahaism over this question. So white bourgeois middle-class Western Liberal Baha'is like David Langness or Sen McGlinn can sanitize the facts all they want (or engage in mental gymnastics to explain them away) while espousing all the platitudes they like. The truth of the matter is that there is not all that much separating the views of the Baha'i founders from fascists, whether of yore or the current lot, with racism and white supremacy (in theory and in practice) among the rot residing at the black, malevolent heart that is Bahaism. And let's not even get into the fact that active Baha'is online, such as Arthur Logan Decker III, have been openly associating with EuroAmerican and Russian fascists and white supremacists of various stripes on the internet for years now (all of which I have documented). That said, I quote 'Abdu'l-Baha in the original below:

شماها بايد خيلى ممنون کلمبوس شويد که چنين مملکت عظيمى براى شما کشف نمود از اغرب غرائب آنکه او کشف کرد لکن بنام امريک مشهور گرديد بايد فى الحقيقه اسمش کلمبيا باشد و حق و عدالت اين بود. هرکائنى از کائنات نا سوتيّه و لو هر چه فائده داشته باشد لابد مضرّتى هم دارد لکن بايد نظر کرد که آيا فايده يا ضررش بيشتر است. حالا اگر چه از اکتشاف کلمبوس ظاهراً عالم در مشقّت و تعب افتاد مثلاً اگر کلمبوس کشف امريک ننموده بود کشتى بزرگ مثل تيتانيک ساخته نميشد و اين همه نفوس غرق نميگشت لکن اين ضرر ها بالنّسبه بمنافع هيچ است لهذا بايد بفوائد ديگر نظر نمود. امروز چيزى که خير محض است آن امور روحيّه است که خير محض و صرف خير است ابداً از هيچ جهت ضرر ندارد بجهت اينکه نور است و از
نور ضررى حاصل نميشود 
خطابات حضرت عبدالبهاء  قسمت دوم  

ص ١١۲ تا   ١١۳


ين قطعه زمين آمريک چه بود جنگل بود زمين خالى بود و اين به مقتضاى طبيعت بود پس چه چيز او را آباد کرد عقول انسانى پس ناقص است عقول انسانى اين نواقص را کامل نمايد بعد از آنکه زمين بود جنگل بود حال شهرهاى آباد شده پيش از آنکه کلمبوس بيايد امريکا چه بود عالم طبيعت بود حالا عالم انسان شده اگر عالم طبيعت کامل بود بايد همان طور باشد. حالا ملاحظه کنيد که اوّل تاريک بود حال روشن شده اوّل خراب بود حال آباد شده جنگل بود حالا بوستان شده اوّل خارستان بود حال گلستان گشته.
خطابات حضرت عبدالبهاء  قسمت دوم  

ص ۲۳۶ تا   ۲۳۷

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