Message to "Aryan Shamloo" who claims to speak for Sheikh Hisham Kabbani

In the Name of God the Compassionate, the Merciful!
We have written to the Naqshbandi representatives in Germany who say you have nothing to do with Cyprus and nor does Shaykh Kabbani in the USA either, for that matter; and they are quite embarrassed by the message you sent earlier to my wife. That stated, your earlier message to my wife as well as the message you have recently sent to me is unsolicited and its contents are the contents of a troll. After my message to you here, if we ever hear from you specifically again, we will be handing the matter over to the authorities. So you are on notice.

Now, for your information: I do not take any Sufi order seriously who claims its primary lineage from Abu Bakr, a usurper and the enemy of the Prophet's (ص) designated Wali (ع) and Daughter (ع), a man who cynically betrayed the Messenger of God ( ص ), his friend, and illegitimately seized the caliphate when it was never his. There are many good things about the historical Naqshbandiyah which I respect greatly and give credit where credit is due. However, even entertaining the notion of giving allegiance or baya'a to such an entity is laughable from where I sit, so I suggest you do not waste my time or your own on such inanities ever again.

Now, on the odd chance that Kabbani has actually sent you to harass my wife and I, I have a challenge for Kabbani directly. The truth of his status and mine is in the knowledge of the arcana that comes from Above. So here is my challenge. Sheikh Kabbani is to produce a commentary on the symbol of the Greatest Name of God originally transmitted by Imam 'Ali (ع), i.e. the symbol which is at the top of my blog here. This commentary must be original and not regurgitate material others have already written about it or what I have chosen to disclose publicly about it so far in my own 2008 commentary I give him exactly seven days from this posting to produce such a commentary.

Should he produce a unique commentary that goes beyond what I have already written about it, I will indeed give him my baya'a. However, should he fail to produce such a commentary (and in the time limit allotted here) then by the rules of the chess of the gnostics (shatranj al-'urafa), he is obliged by the Book of God itself to relinquish all of his murids over to me and come and give me his exclusive baya'a instead. Also, any future communication must come directly from his office and from someone within his circle who can be verified to work for him, and not some bogus troll with a gmail account opened up recently using a fake name.

Also, do not write to my wife ever again.

Peace be upon those who follow the guidance!

N. Wahid Azal

7 Jumadi-l-Akhir 1439
Addendum (3 March 2018): Seven days came and went and nothing was forthcoming from the office of Shaykh Hisham Kabbani. It appears that this particular franchise (emphasis on this word 'franchise') of the Naqshbandiyah in the USA can pretend to all manner of things. But where it actually counts, they and their mashayish have nothing, zero.

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