Muhiyidin Moye

So I just learned that Muhiyidin Moye of BLM who was murdered on Tuesday had been duped into joining the Baha'i cult in 2014. I have supported #BLM from the beginning and will continue to do so. However, African-American activists who turn to Bahaism are to me (whether known to themselves or not) either Uncle Toms or are completely stupid. Here is why. Bahaism -- besides being a colonial Western imperialist-friendly, uber-capitalist cult from the day of its foundation in the 1860s -- is one of the biggest financial and political beneficiaries of the Zionist regime in occupied Palestine. I wrote a summary with sources on this in 2016 for CP, here so I will not repeat myself again.

Now, the Haifan Baha'i cult has a penchant for infiltrating and inserting itself into literally every single social justice or ecumenically related cause out there. These people, however, are not to be trusted as far as they can be thrown because they have an agenda, and that agenda is to convert people into their cult and push their theocrato-authoritarian, Islamophobic, Western neoliberal, imperialist and Zionist-friendly agenda under the guise of "world peace and brotherhood." Many African-Americans in the US South have been duped into this organization since the 1960s, and in so doing have unwittingly become agents of not only their own continued oppression and colonization but that of other oppressed and colonized people elsewhere.

I salute the brother and comrade who was gunned down. May he rest in power! But I wish he had possessed more foresight and intelligence while alive and not (unbeknownst to himself) become an agent of the very enemy he was standing against.

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