Open Letter to CEO of Starbucks Kevin Johnson

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Re: Russian internet trolls

To whom it may concern:

In a recent statement made by CEO Kevin Johnson, the subject of “Russian trolls” was broached in relation to a present controversy in the United States. However, the CEO of Starbucks and Starbucks corporation in general appear to be unaware of the existence of active pro-Russian trolls who are American citizens and who are operating from within Starbucks itself. These pro-Russian internet trolls, engaged in a variety of defamation and trolling campaigns, have acted unimpeded all over social media (and especially on Facebook and Wordpress), and from within the territorial United States itself, using Starbuck’s own internet bandwidth to spread far-right (alt-right) propaganda since 2016.
My attempts during 2017 to appraise Starbucks corporate offices in Seattle of the situation via email was not dealt with or properly responded to. 

I am happy to furnish evidence.

Sincere regards,
N. Wahid Azal

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