The "state" has withered away

 Other than a few savvy thinkers, many Lefties are still in the dark about the fact that under corporate neoliberalism the state has effectively withered away. Marx postulated that the state would wither away under communism. But the process went in another direction whereby capitalism first destroyed socialism (albeit the USSR itself ended up becoming a state capitalist project for most of its existence) and then from the 1980s onwards began to destroy the bourgeois "liberal-democratic" state itself. So effectively the "state" no longer exists and very few social scientists and analysts seem to understand the present complex of dynamics involved. 

No need to mention that the internet directly facilitated neoliberal capitalism's solidification of power. The internet began during the 1960s as an internal US military and government communication facility. It was then introduced into North American universities during the late 1980s, and from about the mid 1990s spread out throughout the planet. At this time corporatocracy swooped on the internet, its infrastructure, its burgeoning industries and basically used the opportunity (first incrementally and then in big swathes) to take power away from government itself. This was corporatocracy's silent (and sometimes not so silent) coup against the social contract liberal-democratic state wherein by the mid noughties of the last decade it had pretty much completed the process. 

Yet despite the revanschism of the times and the rising far-night, we are no longer living in a world of nation-states. We are in fact living under the regime of neoliberal capital where global capital and its representatives reign supreme and not elected officials of national governments -- and this is true everywhere. Yet people still talk as if elections and elected officials matter. They do not. This is also why talk of "democracy" among many First World Lefties reveals the degree to which they are not grasping present realities at all and so why their harping on about dictatorships and authoritarian figures in the Global South is smokescreen. The so-called bastions of Western liberal democracy are no longer democracies in any meaningful sense of the term, if they even ever were to begin with, but the internet effectively put the final nail in their coffins. The Western democracies have ceded all effective power to corporatocracy (i.e. a plutocratic oligarchy of finance), and as such Aristotle (and not Marx) was correct about the reoccuring cycles of a polity except now we are no longer speaking of ancient Greek city-states but of the planet as a whole.

So how can this monster be brought to heel? Certainly not by what those like Aleksandr Dugin and similar are proposing, individuals whose ideals are arguably part of the overall problem and not the solution to this problem.

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