Arabic Bayān in the hand of the Bāb

This autograph MS of the Arabic Bayān is mentioned by Denis MacEoin in Sources for Early Bābī Doctrine and History: A Survey (Leiden and New York: E.J. Brill, 1992), 85, and Appendix One (7th item under al-Bayān al-ʿArabī), 181. The autograph, however, does not go beyond chapter (unity/wāḥid) 9 and only consists of two leaves. One anomalous feature is that the first leaf vertically consists of chapters 1, 3, 4 and 5 with the second leaf (also vertically) running as chapters 6 then 2 and 7, 8 and 9. This incomplete codex MS of the Arabic Bayān was consulted for the 1940s lithograph edition of the text published in Iran (which was published alongside the haykal al-dīn/talisman of the religion with its incomplete commentary): a lithograph edition published on the basis of the handwritten transcription made by ʿAbdu’l-ʿAlī Azal (the son of Ṣubḥ-i-Azal) which was discussed here (Book 32, item v.). Download high resolution PDF, here or here.

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