The Declaration of Interdependence

الله احييّ

Declaration of Interdependence

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all human beings and the natural world are connected, that they are embraced by the Unity of God, which is expressed on Earth by diversity, harmony and peace.

When one group considers itself superior to and independent from the rest of humanity and creation,
when it imposes its economic and political will on the rest of the world through military force, when it kills men, women and children at home and abroad, when it poisons the air, water and earth, when it leads countless species into extinction…

It becomes necessary to declare our interdependence as human beings with one another and the world around us.

Western wars in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Latin America have led to the deaths of millions of innocent civilians and soldiers.
The violent example set abroad is replicated at home in our schools, businesses and places of worship.

Our resources are spent on destroying other peoples instead of caring for our own.

Indigenous peoples, Africans and their descendants, women and children, the poor and marginalized are dispossessed, oppressed and criminalized leading to the loss of our very humanity.
Global warming, the loss of species and biodiversity is creating an ecological apocalypse where neither human nor animal or plant life will be sustainable.

The pollution of our oceans, air and soil, and the destruction of trees and rainforests will make the Earth uninhabitable.

We do not recognize the independence of one nation, group or species from another. Nationalism and anthropocentrism are forms of collective egoism. We reject tyranny and recognize no authority, except peace, justice, and goodwill towards all human beings and creation. We declare ourselves interdependent within a greater Unity that embraces all life.

 ~ Zachary Markwith

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