Why Capitalism is a Religion (albeit a false one)

Because prostrating to the hidden hand of 'free markets' and the 'economy' is a religion by any other definition. So given this, Wall Street is capitalism's qibla. Materialism, consumerism and consumption are the three central tenets of its scripture and teachings. 'Spending' is its form of worship. Money is its god. Banks and shopping malls are its holy temples and churches. Property and merchandise are its sacraments and catechisms. Cruelty, unfair competition, deceit, selfishness, self-centeredness, perpetration, theft and destruction of the environment are its morality. War is its holy day. Adam Smith, Milton Friedman and Ayn Rand are its three 'holy messengers' with its three main synoptic gospels being named "The Wealth of Nations," "Capitalism and Freedom" and "Atlas Shrugged."

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