God, and not the Lodge, controls the world

I am not a fan of modern Freemasons or Freemasonry as a whole. Unlike Guénon who considered them originally to have been an authentic initiatic current (probably because he was himself originally a Martinist), I look at Freemasonry as a distant echo of the Pythagorean-Platonic (i.e. Hermetic) initiatic currents that prevailed openly and then in secret for centuries. What they did or didn't do historically in Europe and America, I really don't care about. Some of their esoteric symbolism is quite interesting, and definitely worthy of study and reflection, but these are available in much more authentic forms elsewhere particularly in the Corpus Hermeticum and many genuine alchemical texts.

Be that as it may, Freemasonry's political influence in South-West Asia since the early 19th century has generally been a negative one and it has operated parallel to the culture-destroying modernization-colonization forces by Anglo-European powers and their assorted native informers. British imperialism in the subcontinent and its rite of Freemasonry are closely linked histories, for example. Freemasonry in the Mid East and Asia in general has also been the transmitter of the virus of Western market capitalism.

However, anti-Masonry as a vestige of European Christian rightwing reactionary discourses originates with Roman Catholicism and emerges from the biases and authoritarianism of its corrupt ecclesiastical institutions. Such biases were then uncritically transferred over to the Protestants who continue to parrot papist anti-Masonic talk-points and who ever since this transference began seeing a Mason under every rock and tree. Nevertheless anti-Masonic sentiments with its conspiratorial narrative about the world has no native roots or pedigree in MENA or much of Asia until the early-mid 20th century. Since that time it has gained wide traction and has become an entrenched conspirological feature in assorted uncritical popular discourses. For example, in the popular culture of Iran today you cannot escape discussions about the state of the world without some reference to Freemasons being behind every rock, the "Protocols" and the closely related "Rothschilds." While the Islamic Republic did not introduce any of these narratives into Iranian society, because they were already there under the Pahlavis, elements within the IRI have however normalized them in the popular media and print. Same in Turkey where first the Kemalists and then the Erdogan Islamists have pushed anti-Masonic talking-points as a means to entrench their own power against political rivals. Yet all of these narratives are specifically Anglo-European and Russian Tsarist in origin: the very colonial imperial powers that MENA has been grappling with in a life and death struggle for two and a half plus centuries now.

While none of this is meant to dismiss the nefarious influence of secret societies in our world, particularly those of them who have ill intent (and who do in fact exist; say, for example, the Order of the Nine Angles), the fact of the matter is that people who wholesale subscribe to such anti-Masonic narratives are 1. falling into a modern Gnostic dualist trap whilst also by osmosis 2. pursuing the longstanding political vendettas of the Church against its rivals. I, for one one, don't like the idea that the All-High Divinity and Creator of All-Things is not in control and that men in cloaks in smoke filled rooms with secret handshakes can manipulate Reality in such wise as if they were the Creator Itself. Despite what bogus "laws of attraction" and other similar New Age fallacies may suggest, the fact of the matter is that there is no power and no strength save in God the High, the Mighty! The Lodge is not even the retracted blackness in the eye of a dead ant in the estimation of the All-Seeing Eye of the One without Peer or Equal! The Lodge simply does not possess the power acclaimed of it nor does it control the world or manipulate providence. 

Also, obsession with such conspiracies will lead the one obsessing about them straight into the hell of insanity in the process of associating partners with the All-High (shirk). Yes, we must always remain vigilant against those nefarious and self-serving forces operating in our world and strive against their influence with all means (like Dugin and his discordian fascist henchmen, for example, or the Baha'is and similar), whether openly or concealed, material or occult. However, subscribing to narratives about the overarching, semi-omnipotent power of such forces speaks volumes more about those subscribing to the narratives (and their psychological state) than the naked facts themselves.

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