To hell with Alex Jones. He got what he deserved

People who defend Alex Jones against his banning from various social media are either clueless or part of the greater inverted Gramscian metapolitical cultural infiltration that the far-right via their Russian and Israeli handlers are perpetrating and normalizing far and wide. Alex Jones was not banned from assorted social media platforms because of "free speech." He was banned because he was openly and consistently engaging in unequivocal criminal incitement against a range of his political adversaries. In other words, he was repeatedly shouting fire in a crowded theater. There are a whole bunch of cases in the US court system at the moment by the families of the victims of Sandy Hooks who have sued Jones for years of public harassment that has gone unpunished. The list goes on and on. The guy is a public criminal and a public menace and finally got the axe -- and too late, as far as I am concerned. 

Now, those American libertarians who keep harping on about Alex Jones' "free speech" really have shown their hands this time around. Had Jones been a black or brown man instead of a white hick Texan, these same people would have been screaming for his lynching decades ago. But because Jones is a white man the fact that Jones has repeatedly broken the criminal law in multiple jurisdictions just gets shelved as either secondary or irrelevant. The crocodile tears for Alex Jones by the controlled alt-media crowd is one of the most blatant cases of white privilege on display I have ever seen. It also demonstrates the extent to which this warped, internet based estate is a fifth column. Now, none of this is an endorsement of the MSM -- the other side of the false dialectic -- but it shows the ways in which white supremacy constantly seeks to validate itself and normalize its own criminality while getting complete scheisters and utter braindead fools to beat their chests for it rallying behind it.

F*ck Alex Jones. He deserves what he gets, and he should get more of it.

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