Jabarin: ‘Point’ Dreaming, Dreaming Fāṭimīya

Jabarin is the name of a Creator Spirit related to a number of clans and traditional custodians of the South-East Queensland and Northern NSW Australian coastal areas. When Jabarin (جبارن) is transposed into Arabic letters, it holds a numerical value of 256 which is equivalent to nūr (نور), meaning ‘Light’ in Arabic. In this podcast Dr. Samuel Burch (Shaykh of the Fāṭimīya Sufi Order for Australasia) and Wahid Azal speak about First Nations Australia and the FSO’s hybridization and relationship with native Australian indigenous spirituality as a metahistorical dialogue in action. We touch on the brutal history of colonial settler Australia; terra nullius and Mabo; and the ongoing nature of this apartheid colonial settler regime in its 233 year genocide of First Nations Australia. We briefly broach the changing nature of white colonial settlerism downunder in its neoliberal capitalist stage of corporatocracy where private enterprise rather than government is now the pointy end of white occupation, policy making and implementation. The confluence of the Bayān’s ordinance (9:11) against the buying and selling of the Four Elements (Air, Fire, Water and Earth) with that of native spirituality. Also discussed, is the occult-energetic contrast between Australia and Berlin;   Sam’s adoptive relationship to the Yolgnu peoples of Arnhem Land (amongst others), connection to the sacred country of the Central Desert and Bora initiation through the Yalarrnga as a Lawman and the Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy to which Sam and his partner are connected:  https://www.facebook.com/brisbaneaboriginal.embassymedia/ .

Elements referenced in the Podcast:

See also:
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