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Spirit-in-itself (or plural 'spirits') occurs outside of cultural socialization as such. Cultural socialization-in-itself is a human construction. It evolves, it hybridizes with other cultures around it, it is constantly becoming, etc. So on that level, vis-a-vis Spirit-in-itself, culture is a veil to Spirit (but let us put this in brackets for the moment). However, Spirit (and its plural) communicates with humans through the matrix of culture and socialization and not outside of it since culture is a material substrate (I use this word material loosely) or medium, as it were, wherein humans can communicate and interact with It in the first place (this, in a sense, resolves the dualism between pneumena and phenomena that has plagued Western philosophy and its cultural dialogue since Immanuel Kant).

But herein is the catch, socialization and culture also generate the psychic and psychological veils, traps, bondings, conditioning and enmeshings that conceal the Spirit: veils tha…

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