Short mystical exegesis (tawil) on the 4 letters of the Name *ALLAH* (الله )

ا ل ل ه
بسم الله الرّحمن الرّحيم
In the Name of the God the Compassionate, the Merciful!

الحمد لله نور العالمین
و انّما البهاء من الله على نقطة الاولى و مظاهرها بِعزّة و جلال و صلّ الله على محمّد و آل محمّد اجمعين و الحمد لله ربّ العالمين

Praise be unto God the Light of all the worlds, and the Splendour from God be upon the Primal Point and Its manifestations with grandeur and majesty! And the blessings of God be upon Muhammad and House of Muhammad in entirety; and praise be unto God, the Lord of all the worlds!

As for the matter at hand: Know O brethern of the Way, and may you be increased in the gnosis within the waystations of your moments, that the letters of the Name of the All-High reveal the very animating nature of Its theophanies of Manifestation, praised be It and glorified. The four letters reveal the Darkness and the Light within a dualitude that is the Unitarian nature of the One without peer and equal, Glorified be It and praised.

The first pair of letters 'alif' and 'lam' (ا ل ) reveal the nature of Darkness (zulma) which is also, on one level, Non-Being as Being. On its next level these first two letters reveal the dualitude within the Divine Darkness which are the Female (mu'annath) and the Male (mudhakkar). The letter alif (ا ) represents the Soul of the Divine Feminine Darkness whilst the 'lam' (ل ) is that of the Masculine Divine Darkness. These are the first stages in the theophanic self-disclosure of the One Singular, High be Its state, that are reflected in the phrase of negation as 'no god' ( لا اله) 'la ilaha'.

The next pair of letters 'lam' and 'ha' (ل ه ) reveal the nature of Light (nur) which, on another level, is known as Being beyond Being. Here is revealed the dualitude of Light (nur) itself, hence a meaning of Light upon Light (nur 'ala nur, Qur. 24:35), whereby the letter 'lam' (ل ) represents the Spirit of the Deific Masculinity and the final letter 'ha' ( ه) represents the Spirit of the Deific Femininity. These are the second stages in the theophanic self-disclosure of the Presence of Unicity, Glorified be It and sanctified, that are reflected in the phrase of affirmation as 'except the Godhead' (الا الله) 'illa allah'.

Note especially, however, how the two essences of femininity, the Soul of the Feminine Darkness (ا ) and the Spirit of the Feminine Light (ه ), stand as the First (awwal) and the Last (akhir) of these letters of the All-High's name whilst the Soul of the Masculine Darkness (ل ) and the Spirit of the Masculine Light (ل ), that is the two 'lams', stand face to face.

Thus hath a secret been disclosed, but only the wise shall comprehend it, for no power and no strength is there save in God, the High, the Supreme, for verily we are from God and unto It shall we return!

3rd of NUR Year 5 NUR
Tuesday June 15 2010

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