5x19 Circular Talisman (dā’ira)

The latest talismanic creation below is a 5x19 circular talisman (dā’ira) with the letters of the bismillāh in the first concentric circle; the 19 aqlām in the second; the names of God, the 14 Infallibles (as) and the 4 Archangels of the Throne in the third; the 19 letters forming the 6 Names/Attributes of the Essence in the fourth; and the 19 Arabic letters of "no power and no strength is there save in God" in the fifth. The center includes an 11x11 magic square with the calligram of the Greatest Name/Dignity of the Sun (al-ism al-aʿẓam/sharaf al-shams) in each cell.

And the magic square associated with it.

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