Winter is here

The (s)election of Trump to one side, some white American liberals and their counterparts across the pond seem to be shocked and surprised by the white supremacy whose coat-tails the Donald rode in on. Either they have been asleep their whole lives or they are in complete denial -- or both. White supremacy and racism is a reality that every single person of color of any shade or level deals with in the white dominated world 24/7 from one end of the globe to the other. It is in our face all the time, and often even in the unlikeliest places -- sometimes among folks who may even call us comrades. The response of many people of color living in the West who want to "make it" or "get along" is to adapt to its harsh realities. But the fact of the matter is, with or without a swastika or white head-sheet attached, over two-thirds of white Anglo-Europeans have been conditioned over a life-time to buy on some level into the Racial Contract. It has become an unexamined instinct, often an automatic reflex without any deliberate volition involved on their part. Very few (but they are there) among white Anglo-Europeans truly understand this and decontaminate themselves from its grasp.

That being said, holding hands and singing "koombaya" or "we shall overcome" will not get rid of this global pestilence of white supremacy and the white Anglo-European's belief that he is the ubermensch with the right to exploit the rest of humanity, the whole earth itself and every other living creature upon it. Endless Marxian analysis and hair-splitting won't do it either. Even physical war will not eliminate its scourge once and for all. The source of white supremacy and its Racial Contract is metaphysical. It is occult and the white man's literal power and sorcery. It is his possessing Demon which possesses its own across the board. Every fascism -- from Mussolini to Hitler to Franco to the Zionists to Pinochet to Trump, not to mention Western imperialism, colonialism and capitalism at all stages -- in the modern world has proven this fact to be axiomatic. And it is an axiom that no secular Leftist can ever grasp because he/she does not even possess the analytic tools -- let alone the requisite hiero-intelligence -- to comprehend its true deeper, subterranean and hidden, occult dimensions. 

Fascists understand the occult because they grasp the power of symbols and symbolism and what it can do and how to successfully manipulate it. Many of them become masters of it; and when they do, watch out. So it is here, at this point beyond the immediate observable phenomenon of causes and effects, where this White Demon must be fought and defeated. It is indeed an Occult War: the forces of Balance and Harmony versus the forces of chaos and destruction; the counterpowers of darkness versus the powers of Light; the holy knights of the Earth-Angel versus those who would despoil and ravage Her for angra mainyu/ahriman; the 313 partisans of the Imam Mahdi versus the legions of Antichrist; the armies of the Hiero-Intelligence ('aql) versus those of the acosmic ignorance (jahl), etc. Those who do not understand this yet will certainly fall at the wayside in the coming war for the very Soul of the World itself because Winter has arrived and the White Walkers have indeed breached the wall.

Rostam kills the White Demon, the Shahnameh of Ferdowsi

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