The Anglo-American Alt-Right & the Anglo-American Dugin

Zbigniew Brzezinski and Alexander Dugin (circa early 1990s)

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While there is no question that Putin and the Russian establishment do in fact selectively support the Fascist Internationale around the globe, there is also no question that the main locus of the origination, organization, strength, support, diffusion and activities of these groups resides predominantly in the Anglo-American sphere. The so-called alt-right is a North American phenomenon and movement that has spread itself beyond American shores. Yet its overall locus is North America. Richard Spencer is American and his donor bases and main financial support network are American. The overwhelming support for Alexander Dugin and his ideas is coming overwhelmingly from North America too (followed by the UK) and only then finding footing elsewhere. In fact, although I do agree that he is probably a Kremlin insider, Dugin does not seem to enjoy the kind of uncritical support inside Russia among Russians that he seems to enjoy in North America among Americans and Canadians. With the exception of one individual, who is Russian and is always at his side, most of Dugin's leading acolytes and active deputies also remain North Americans. Lots more examples can be furnished here. So I am coming back to my original thesis that Duginism is, generally speaking, an Anglo-American phenomenon.

Then there is the sore thumb issue that Dugin does not seem to have a very good opinion of China even though the PRC is purportedly part of the BRICS/SCO multipolar bloc. This negativity about China isn't limited to the PRC alone on Dugin's part but appears to extend to pre-Communist and pre-modern China as well. The Duginists are Japanophiles and Sinophobes. Yet Sinophobia remains an Atlanticist schtick of the present generation's, not to mention Hindutva's in India whose own deep and longstanding Atlanticist linkages are not even debatable.

Given this, I believe the main thesis presented by Guido Giacomo Preparata in his CONJURING HITLER: How Britain and America made the Third Reich (2005) holds as well for today about the second coming of fascism in the West as it did about the 1920s-30s with the rise of Hitler and the NSDAP in Germany. The same Anglo-American forces behind the rise of fascism in Europe during the last century are also behind it today as well because at all stages of this game it is in fact Anglo-Americans (and only afterwards Europeans and Slavs) who are promoting and diffusing any of this nonsense. So pointing the finger exclusively at Russia alone is actually wrongheaded. It is the USA and the UK who are the main locus for all of this.

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