Riding The Tiger's 2012 posting "The Baha'i Faith: An Indictment"

This post is part of an ongoing series discussing the Baha’i/alt-right nexus.

In 2012 one of the most popular Evolian blogs online, Riding The Tiger (now defunct), ran a series of articles indicting Baha’ism from an Evolian Traditionalist point of view. The contributor to the blog was a native of Taiwan going by the alias Dawud al-Sini (Dawud the Chinese; not to be confused by the Wahhabi Qatari cleric bearing the same name). Unfortunately the blog and its posts went down in late 2015 with its name and domain taken over by someone else. Luckily I saved one of the main posts with two of its comments, which I upload now here below. 

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