Strange Angles, Strange Faces: LHP, Post-Nazism & Alt Right Ideas

In this podcast Branko Malić of the Kali Tribune introduces three persons who could prove important for the ideological trajectory the leaders of the Alt-Right movement are now taking. What they have in common is elusiveness, a long time spent on the fringe and at least a one time adherence to Left-Hand Path Satanism in it’s most consequent and hence radical form. Those men are Kerry Bolton, David Myatt and Alexander Dugin. The expose is conceived as an introduction to the study of the correspondence of ideas, not of men, although the ties between Bolton and Myatt are well established and documented. These ideas will be further explored in upcoming, more substantial, work. The one word in which Branko Malić expresses the nature of ideas we are dealing with here is that they are sinister. And rest assured, not one of those three men would be offended by this.

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